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Cathead Biscuits

Delicious Fluffy Cathead Biscuits

June 06, 2016

Southern biscuits were exactly what I was craving when I found this enticing recipe on Epicurious. Curiosity took the best of me when I discovered they used buttermilk powder instead of liquid buttermilk; therefore, I was instantly intrigued by the process. Who knew there was such a thing as buttermilk powder?

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sausage and bratwurst

Let's Transform the Pizza Oven into a Grill

May 31, 2016

Why not transform the wood-fired oven into a perfect grill for sausage and bratwurst? Creating a roaring fire inside the oven does not limit you to only baking pizza; on the contrary, we are excited to explore, test and present to you the limitless culinary options these amazing wood-fired ovens have to offer.

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Blooming Cheesy Stuffed Bread

Blooming Cheesy Stuffed Bread

April 19, 2016

Looking for an easy and delicious appetizer that satisfies all ages? Here it is!  The ingredients are few and the steps are simple. Blooming Cheesy Stuffed Bread is sure to become a favorite with family and friends. There is no doubt that you will be proud to serve this finger-licking snack to anyone who steps into your kitchen. We have wanted to bake this appetizer in the Fontana wood-fired oven for some time, and the result was an immediate hit. Here are just a few simple steps showing you how to prepare this delicious crowd-pleaser.

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Leftover pasta

Leftover Pasta? Simply bake it in the Wood-fired Oven

April 15, 2016

While working on a photo shoot for grilling Sausage and Bratwurst in the wood-fired oven, we decided to also place some leftover pasta in a cast iron skillet. This morning we also stretched fresh mozzarella from curds, and it was the right decision to top the penne with delicious slices of delicious cheese. Everything was topped with a good drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of hot pepper.  The skillet was pushed into the hot oven for the magic to happen.  Just a short while later a simple and delicious lunch was placed on the table and everyone was satisfied.  Grilled sausage, baked pasta, a few slices of schiacciata, a salad, and the meal was complete.

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Pollo al Mattone baked in the Fontana wood-fired oven

February 10, 2016

Today we will make POLLO AL MATTONE, or "Chicken under a Brick" which we will bake to perfection in the Fontana wood-fired oven. Pollo al Mattone is a delicious, flavorful and ancient Tuscan recipe. Some even claim that this dish dates back to the ancient Etruscans. Some potatoes were added to the dish to make the meal more complete.

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