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Fontana Forni has been the pioneer of the outdoor oven for nearly 50 years. If you are looking the best quality outdoor wood oven, look no further than Fontana Forni USA, the official North American distributor of Fontana Forni ovens. Every Fontana Forni outdoor wood burning pizza oven is designed and constructed in Italy using the finest materials. Not only do our outdoor pizza ovens excel at making pizza, they equally perform as the ideal outdoor wood oven for cooking meats, vegetables, breads, and deserts. Check out our blog, the Daily Bread for a variety of recipe ideas you can use with a new Fontana Forni oven. 


The Italian are renown for their love of food and their craftsmanship. Building upon the rich tradition of Italian cooking innovation, the master craftsman at Fontana Forni have designed a variety of portable pizza ovens for the outdoor cooking enthusiast that have all the benefits of a traditional built-in outdoor ceramic oven at a fraction of that cost.


Every Fontana outdoor wood burning pizza oven is built using 3mm of continuous-weld stainless steel to ensure a lifetime high quality cooking performance. Each Fontana oven is designed with a traditional vault shape, vaulted not only from side to side but also from front to back, offering a uniform heat distribution that the competitors simply cannot match. The cooking chamber of each Fontana Forni outdoor wood burning pizza oven is fully insulated with 12cm of a natural rock-spun insulation, which translates into better heat retention for more consistent cooking. Additionally, an added benefit of including 12cm of insulation is that the exterior of our ovens are safe to the touch while at cooking temperature. Fontana Forni outdoor pizza ovens are also lined with food grade certified brick providing you with an ideal cooking surface for making the perfect Italian style brick oven pizza in your own backyard.


Our Forno Toscano line of single-chambered ovens, the Margherita, the Mangiafuoco, & the Marinara, heat up to cooking temperature within 30 minutes. In nearly the same amount of time it takes to preheat, prepare, and cook a pizza using an indoor oven, you can experience authentic Italian-style brick oven pizza cooked in a Fontana oven right in your own backyard. Our dual-chambered ovens, the Gusto, the Rosso, INC, INC-Q, & the Divino, heat up in 45 minutes and offer multiple racks to cook on allowing you to simultaneously prepare several meal courses at once. When compared to the hours of heat up time and the construction costs of a traditional, ceramic, wood-fired oven requires, an outdoor oven from Fontana Forni presents itself as the logical choice.


At Fontana Forni USA, we are not only offering the best quality wood burning oven on the market, we are offering you and your loved ones time well-spent around the backyard cooking and enjoying the authentic tastes and textures of Italy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us, we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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If you’re serious about baking pizzas and breads, this oven is for you!
testimonials Ellendy Fontana Owner, California
I just received the Pizza Cucina the other day. Wow — nice looking unit.
testimonials Emilio Fontana Owner, Canada
We absolutely LOVE the oven! Thanks for a wonderful pizza oven! xoxo
testimonials The Warner Family Fontana Owners
Thanks got it today installed and here we go best pizza easy to use good times!
testimonials Francesco Fontana Owner, Virginia
I purchased the Mangiafuoco oven from you last summer and absolutely love it! I could be your spokesperson.
testimonials Michael Fontana Owner, Nova Scotia
It truly is a game changer and so happy this product exists. Thank you again....
testimonials Brian Fontana Owner, New Jersey
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