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13 products

    13 products
    Margherita Wood-Fired Oven  #color_gray
    Gray Red Stainless +$150
    Margherita Wood-Fired Oven
    from $2,699.00
    Gray Red Stainless +$150
    Mangiafuoco Wood-Fired Oven
    from $3,499.00
    Marinara Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven  #color_gray
    Gray Red Stainless +$150
    Marinara Wood-Fired Oven
    from $4,399.00
    Margherita Gas Outdoor Oven  #color_gray
    Gray Red Stainless +$150
    Margherita Gas Oven
    from $3,599.00 Regular price $4,299.00 Save $700
    Mangiafuoco Outdoor Gas Oven Gas Burner  #color_gray
    Gray Red Stainless + $150
    Mangiafuoco Gas Oven
    from $4,999.00 Regular price $5,199.00 Save $200
    The Gusto Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven
    Gusto Wood-Fired Dual Chamber Oven
    from $5,299.00
    The Inc Built-in Wood-burning Oven by Fontana Forni in Ovens & Grills
    Inc. Built-In Wood-Fired Oven
    from $4,699.00
    The Inc Q Built-in Wood-Burning Pizza Oven by Fontana Forni in Ovens & Grills
    Inc. Q Built-In Wood-Fired Oven
    Vulcano Commercial Wood-Fired Oven
    Vulcano Commercial Wood-Fired Oven on an Outdoor Kitchen
    Vulcano Commercial Wood-Fired Oven
    from $10,999.00
    Prometeo Commercial Wood-Fired Oven
    Prometeo Commercial Wood-Fired Oven
    Prometeo Commercial Wood-Fired Oven
    from $12,999.00
    The Pizza Italia Wood Fired Oven
    Dark Gray
    NEW OFFER! Ischia Wood-Fired Oven
    NEW! Maestro 60 Gas Oven
    from $1,899.00 Regular price $2,399.00 Save $500
    NEW! Maestro 40 Gas Oven
    from $1,349.00 Regular price $1,699.00 Save $350

    Italian Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

    Italy has a long history of rich cuisine, and it's a place where food and culture are one and the same. Here in the United States, we have a relatively new tradition of backyard cooking, which extends to tailgates, backyard grills, oyster roasts, and barbecues. Now, the Italian and American traditions have merged, and all over the country families are purchasing Italian outdoor wood fired pizza ovens for their homes.

    In fact, one of the hottest trends in luxury building right now is outdoor wood fired ovens built directly into backyard patios. These wood burning pizza ovens are 100% made in Italy, and the Mangiafuoco is our best-selling product. We also have a complete line of portable Italian wood fired ovens for you to choose from. No matter which model you select, you will enjoy the varied benefits of Fontana’s world-class craftsmanship.

    All Fontana wood fired ovens are handcrafted by Italian artisans, and we use only the most durable cast-iron, steel, and stainless steel construction. This puts us several paces ahead of our competitors, who are prone to using comparatively flimsy materials and inadequate assembly methods. As a result, their pizza ovens have a habit of deteriorating over time with repeated use. Our products, on the other hand, have been built to last, and will reliably deliver well-prepared food for many seasons to come. We're confident that we have the finest backyard ovens anywhere, from portable outdoor ovens to our built-in wood fired ovens—no matter your price range.

    If there's one thing Americans love more than pizza, it's coming together in the backyard for a home-cooked BBQ meal. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to be sold on the great fun that these kinds of get-togethers can offer—there’s really nothing quite like a lazy summer day enlivened by casual conversation and some treats straight from the cooking chamber of your Fontana. It’s a tradition that we’re proud to support with our line of high-quality outdoor wood burning ovens.

    With a Fontana wood fired pizza oven, you can cook the most delicious brick-oven pizzas, roasted meats, breads, casseroles, and vegetables right in your backyard. Fontana Forni wood ovens don’t require your constant attention in order to produce food the way you want it. That’s because they’ve been designed to distribute heat evenly, so there’s no need to keep rotating or flipping your food to ensure that it cooks properly. You can just kick back with friends and family while your wood fired oven does all the work. 

    Setting up a Fontana Forni backyard pizza oven at your home is easier than you think—installation requirements are usually minimal, because we understand that our products should be about convenience, not unnecessary hassle. We’re here to help you plan and prepare for your outdoor cooking dreams.

    So browse Fontana's line of wood burning ovens and grills and enjoy Italian cuisine like never before!

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