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    The Original Metal Portable Pizza Oven

    Fontana Forni has been the leading manufacturer of portable pizza ovens since 1978. Every Fontana pizza oven is designed and made in Italy, the birthplace of pizza. All oven orders ship for free to customers in the continental United States.

    The Gusto portable wood fired pizza oven is the original design of the metal outdoor pizza oven Fontana Forni pioneered 40 years ago. Watch the video below to learn more!

    Why Our Portable Pizza Ovens Are the Best in the Industry

    Our portable pizza ovens feature the industry-leading quality you’ve come to expect from Fontana Forni:

    • Solid-weld dome construction using 2.5-millimeter 441 stainless steel and reinforced with a 5-millimeter Corten steel panel in the cooking chamber.
    • Bent-steel dome construction for maximum stability and durability.
    • A full 12 centimeters of insulation surrounds the entire cooking chamber (sides, back, top, and bottom) to maximize heat retention and cooking efficiency.
    • Our unique cooking chamber, domed front-to-back and side-to-side, eliminates hot spots and ensuring uniform heat distribution.
    • Maximum temperature rating of 900°F / 482.2°C—the highest on the market.
    • Exterior is constructed using 2.5 milimeter 304 stainless steelPainted exterior surfaces are electro-galvanized before powder-coating, providing superb protection against corrosion. A stainless steel damper control provides maximum heat retention and precise temperature control.
    • 100% designed and made in Italy.


    Every Fontana Forni oven is over-engineered for maximum heat refraction, retention, and efficiency. Our ovens are built using state-of-the-art materials and construction methods. In fact, many of the original Gusto ovens sold in Europe during the 1970s are still in use today. Superior engineering means you get the quality and durability of a commercial pizza oven in a portable oven designed for home use.

    Don’t take our word for it—see what the customers are saying about our portable pizza ovens, like the Gusto, and INC.


    Versatile. Functional. Perfect Pizza.

    Fontana Forni portable pizza ovens provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Building a permanent outdoor oven is costly and time consuming, and built-in ceramic ovens require more time to preheat. And, a built-in ceramic oven becomes a permanent feature of your existing home—one you lose if you move to a new home.

    Fontana Forni ovens easily move with you when you relocate. And, our portable pizza ovens are designed with flexibility in mind. Bring the unit out when you need it and tuck it away when you don’t.

    Cook up unforgettable new recipes in the comfort of home with our portable pizza ovens for outdoor backyards and patios. Use your oven to craft homemade Italian-style pizza, fresh breads, roasts, veggies, and more Italian-American favorites.

    Want to impress your neighbors? Invite them over for a make-your-own-pizza party—fun for the whole family.


    Choose from Wood-Burning or Gas Pizza Oven

    All Fontana Forni portable pizza ovens are handcrafted in Italy using the best quality cast-iron, steel, and stainless steel.

    We offer single- and dual-chambered wood-burning ovens, as well as gas-powered pizza ovens for our Margherita, Mangiafuoco, and Marinara models. Each has its own benefits:

    • Wood-fired ovens cook pizza and other dishes quickly, they add flavor to food, and they help food retain its nutrients by speeding up the cooking process.
    • Gas-powered ovens cook food quickly and evenly without the need to buy or stockpile wood. They produce no smoke and require less cleanup.

    Whichever portable pizza oven model you choose, you can be sure that if it’s a Fontana Forni, you’re cooking with the best. 


    The Mangiafuoco: Our Best-Selling Oven

    Fontana Forni sells a variety of pizza ovens, but our best-selling wood-fired pizza oven is the Mangiafuoco. It’s the highest quality portable wood-fired pizza oven you’ll find anywhere.

    Engineered to cook authentic, Italian-style pizza to perfection, the Mangiafuoco has earned positive reviews from satisfied customers across North America and Europe.


    A History of Building the Best Pizza Ovens

    The Fontana Forni product line has been widely used across Italy for over 40 years. The Gusto—our original outdoor pizza oven—performs just as beautifully today as it did when the Fontana family introduced it over 40 years ago. Since then, we’ve introduced a whole new line of wood-fired ovens for sale with the most modern features and technology.

    We’re proud to offer the Gusto and our entire line of portable pizza ovens to customers throughout North America. Our mission is to bring the Italian tradition of enjoying delicious food with family and friends to people everywhere. With Fontana Forni, backyard cooking is more fun than ever.

    The Fontana family has spent the better part of a century perfecting our portable wood burning pizza ovens for patio cooking, and we want to share the joys of Italian brick oven cuisine with the world. Bring the entire family together for a new tradition, and savor the taste of delicious brick oven pizzas, grilled meats, bread sticks, vegetables, and all your Italian favorites.

    Take advantage of Fontana Forni’s free shipping option and purchase a world-class oven today!