Macaroni and Cheese baked in the Fontana wood-fired oven

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

December 06, 2016

You can kiss the box goodbye because we’re going to learn how to make this classic Southern comfort food. Every family member and neighbor has their own take on the popular side. Today you will learn how to bake yet another mac & cheese variation on everyone’s familiar favorite.

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Leftover pasta

Leftover Pasta? Simply bake it in the Wood-fired Oven

April 15, 2016

While working on a photo shoot for grilling Sausage and Bratwurst in the wood-fired oven, we decided to also place some leftover pasta in a cast iron skillet. This morning we also stretched fresh mozzarella from curds, and it was the right decision to top the penne with delicious slices of delicious cheese. Everything was topped with a good drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of hot pepper.  The skillet was pushed into the hot oven for the magic to happen.  Just a short while later a simple and delicious lunch was placed on the table and everyone was satisfied.  Grilled sausage, baked pasta, a few slices of schiacciata, a salad, and the meal was complete.

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