November 04, 2020

Florentine Butter Chicken - Petti di Pollo al Burro


The menu of the day will be the most tender and juicy Florentine Butter Chicken - Petti di Pollo al Burro.  Thanks Emiko Davies for posting about the pollo al burro at the Trattoria Sostanza

The gorgeous Italian city of Florence holds deep roots and a profound love for me and my family.  Not only is Firenze the place we call home, but it is also the cradle of art and a place that breathes history.  Nestled in the streets of this magnificent city, one not only finds treasures of pure beauty and craftsmanship, but also a tradition of deep rooted culture, and delicious food. 

Walking through the small alleys of this glorious city, the aroma of traditional Florentine cuisine will permeate the air.  It is in one of these streets, close to the Arno River where a hidden treasure can be discovered.  Trattoria Sostanza is the destination.  Opening the door one discovers a humble place with a small dining room which can host up to 20 people.  A very tiny kitchen prides itself with simple, flavorful Tuscan food.  It is here where the chef cooks genuine Florentine food and the unforgettable butter chicken cooked directly on the hot coals of a wood-burning grill.  Today we attempted to make these "Petti di Pollo al Burro" over the hot coals of our wood-burning oven with the hope to bring honor to one of the culinary gems of this city.  With great satisfaction, the result was unbelievable.  Let's get started!



    • 2 chicken breasts 
    • 100 grams all purpose flour
    • 50 grams butter
    • Salt to taste
    • Juice of 1 lemon 
    • Olive oil
    • Parsley for garnish 


    1. Preheat The Marinara Wood-Fired Pizza Oven to 425°F - 218°C making sure nice hot coals are created.
    2. Remove all the fat from the chicken breasts.  Salt both sides and dredge in the flour, coating all sides.  Shake off any excess flour.  Set aside.   
    3. Place the butter in the preheated pan, allowing it to melt and get hot.  Also add a drizzle of olive oil.
    4. Once the butter is completely melted and sizzling, add the chicken breasts to the pan.
    5. Place the pan in the oven directly on the coals for about 8 minutes.  If needed cover with the lid to keep the butter from getting too dark.  The butter will turn brown.  This darkening is also called "beurre noisette" which is a deep hazelnut color.  This color is perfect but can change quickly and burn.  Pay attention. 
    6. Flip the chicken, baste with the butter and transfer back into the oven for an additional 8 minutes.  Cover if necessary.  
    7. Once the chicken is golden brown, with an internal temperature of 165°F - 75°C, the chicken is ready.  
    8. Remove the pan from the oven and immediately squeeze the juice of a lemon over the chicken and the butter.  Allow to bubble and sizzle.  Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Buon Appetito!

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