Saputo Pizza Stones

The Saputo Traditional Round Stone set is the ideal upgrade for any home, restaurant, or catering venue that already has a traditional built-in ceramic pizza oven. Saputo pizza stones ('biscotto') are the only stones available that have the unique quality of being able to cook a pizza at 806°F – 896°F for 60-90 seconds, without burning the bottom of the pizza. No other material cooks a pizza like traditional biscotto from Saputo. This four stone set comes in two sizes: the 104 and 120. The 104 offers you a cooking surface totaling in 41″ of diameter. The 120 offers you a cooking surface totaling in 47″ of diameter. If you are looking to cook authentic Neapolitan pizza, this is the material you want to cook your pizza on. Saputo: the first choice of discerning pizzaioli!