Focaccia with Potato—The Best Focaccia?


Maurizio, from The Perfect Loaf, shares his delicious Sourdough Focaccia Pugliese recipe. 

Here is his recipe.

This is likely the best focaccia I've ever made.

I knew it would be a winner when I literally could not stop eating it during testing. With its chewy and soft interior, crispy crust, and loads of flavor, I could eat this every day and be one happy baker.

I fired up my Fontana Forni Marinara wood-fired oven to bake this focaccia (though you can bake it in a home oven, too) and took wonderful focaccia to the next level. A slight kiss of smokey flavor, intense crispness from the high heat, and just an overall fun time working with live fire to make this new recipe.