Standard 5-Piece Kit

Standard 5-Piece Kit
Standard 5-Piece Kit
Standard Accessory Kit
Standard Accessory Kit
Bristle Brush for Pizza Oven Cleaning
Standard Accessory Kit Brush
Standard Pizza Peel
Standard Accessory Kit Pizza Peel
Pizza Turning Peel

Standard 5-Piece Kit

Everything you need to start shoveling and turning your pizzas while keeping your oven clean between use. Full length and one solid piece for larger ovens, providing increased sturdiness and more robust construction.
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  • 4 bare essential tools needed to complete the cooking experience: brass-bristle brush, ash shovel, turning peel, and pizza peel. Plus an infrared thermometer
  • Easily transfer pizzas into oven without worry of any slippage due to the ergonomically designed shape of the handles
  • Perfect for the budget-conscious cook
  • Scraper on brush to remove stubborn ash & bits on stones
  • Compatible with all oven models except the Maestro 40
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • This is the ideal combination of essential tools to complete your Fontana experience if you're on a budget. Each item in this kit will help your Fontana oven up and running.


  • Pizza Peel: To get your pizza onto that blazing-hot pizza stone, you’ll need a pizza peel. This heavy-duty peel is made of stainless steel. Its long handle keeps your hands far away from the heat, and its rectangular shape won't roll on a flat surface. Its handle is 34' long, and the work surface is 14" W by 15" H.
  • Turning Peel: Our larger peels are perfect for getting pizzas into and out of the oven—but when it's time to rotate the pizza while cooking or just reposition it a little, you need this handy turning peel. It has a small head for those delicate adjustments and a long heat-resistant handle to keep your hands far from the flames. Its handle is 39" long, and the work surface of the turning peel has a circumference of 7".
  • Brass-Bristled Brush: This durable brush is perfect for cleaning your oven's cooking surface. The brush's stiff brass bristles won't melt while cleaning a hot surface. The brush head is 7" long. It's perfect for clearing away any small particles on the cooking surface. The backside of the brush head also features a scraper to help remove tricky bits that may get stuck to the cooking stone. The handle is 41” long.
  • Infrared Thermometer: Uses laser technology to precisely measure the surface temperature of the cooking chamber floor inside of your oven. You simply point the thermometer's laser at the cooking chamber floor, and the unit will quickly display an accurate temperature reading on its backlit LCD.

SHIPPING: Retail customers living in the continental United States receive FREE SHIPPING (average savings of up to $400).

WARRANTY: We sincerely believe Fontana is the best wood-fired oven on the market. This is why we offer the best-in-class warranty on all of our ovens. There is a two-year warranty against manufacturer defect. There is also a four-year warranty on the dome of the cooking chamber. We stand by the quality & durability of our product, and we will continue to do so after the sale. Should you ever have a problem with your oven within the warranty period, please let us know using our contact page or call us. We will work to resolve any issue(s) that are a result of manufacturing defect.

Unfortunately, because of the fragile nature of the stones, we do not offer a warranty on the stones. However, should your oven arrive with a damaged stone, please contact us immediately.


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