Prometeo Commercial Pizza Oven

The Prometeo is the flagship model in our line of commercial wood-fired ovens. This is the largest wood fired oven available from Fontana Forni. It is the perfect pre-built solution for restaurants that are looking to offer a true wood-fired pizza experience to their customers. This makes it a great cost effective alternative to more expensive built-in ceramic ovens for a restaurant application. The Prometeo has enough cooking surface to accommodate eight 12" pizza.

Because the oven bears the Fontana name, you can rest assured that you're purchasing the most robust and durable construction available. The Prometeo utilizes solid-weld construction using 310 S Stainless Steel, the type of stainless usually reserved for forging and smelting applications. 310 S Stainless Steel provides solid corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to oxidation, and superior strength in temperatures up to 2,100°F. With the Prometeo, you can cook with confidence knowing that the oven will perform under the rigors of daily restaurant use for many years to come.

External Dimensions

56"W, 48"D, 114"H

Internal Dimensions

47"W,  35"D, 16"H

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