Best Gluten Free Pizza Dough


Best Gluten Free Pizza Dough (GF)

Difficulty – LOW

Servings – 5 dough Balls


  •   500 g Fioreglut (GF) Flour
  •   7 g of Salt
  •   350 g Room temp water
  •   12 g yeast
  •   17 g Olive Oil



Combine Flour and Salt and mix until uniform.  Make a well in the mixture and add the room temp water and yeast.  Mix the yeast in the water and allow it to activate. Once it has begun bubbling, add the oil and mix well with a danish dough hook.   Transfer to a well floured surface and knead until it is uniform.  Set aside and allow it to double in size.  Take dough and cut into 5 even pieces and form your dough balls.  Use as you would our normal Simple Pizza Dough and enjoy.