What Do Master Pizza Makers Cook Their Perfect Pizzas With? Find Out!

Outdoor wood fired pizza ovens are about the highest-tier, highest quality pieces of equipment for creating perfect, Italian-style pizzas around. People all over the world love pizza, so much so that experts estimate in America alone, 350 slices are eaten each second. That's about 45 large pizza boxes every second in our country.

Yet still, most of our pizza is ordered out or made from pre-bundled ingredients and thrown into a kitchen oven. While these are admittedly great eats, a food as popular as pizza certainly needs to be able to boast about its potential for quality, not just the impressive quantity of slices people are eating each day.

Surveys show that around 85% of Americans are big fans of Italian cuisine. While that doesn't quite limit the numbers to just pizza (spaghetti and meatballs, linguini, and lasagna are other Italian foods which are extremely popular), it does give a good idea of how important a good slice is in so many people's eyes.

That's why pizza makers are driven to find better ingredients, better facilities, better equipment, and better techniques in order to perfect their favorite meal. As mentioned earlier, some of the best pieces of equipment in the entire industry are outdoor wood fired pizza ovens, which are capable of cooking a pie to any liking in under 90 seconds.

While they are a bit more specialized than the kitchens most of us find in our ovens, pizza aficionados will find that there is simply no alternative to one of these ovens when it comes to creating a masterpiece of a meal.

When you think of a master pizza chef, you probably conjure up an image in your mind of a small old man throwing the dough in the air and catching it on his hands. The oven you're imagining him putting that dough into is a wood fired pizza oven of some kind -- and that image is popular for a reason.

The true masters of the art all prefer to use some of the universally agreed upon "classics" when it comes to equipment. Woodfired pizza ovens by Fontana Forni are absolutely part of that equation.