The Time-Tested, Traditional Way to Cook the World's Most Popular Food

wood fired pizza ovens

It is no secret that pizza is one of the world's most beloved, cultured, and recognizable foods. In the United States alone, it is reported that the average individual will eat over 45 slices of pizza in a single year. That's almost six whole large pizzas for each person or about half the holding space of a wood fired pizza oven! People all over the world truly do love it.

So, why sacrifice quality? There are tons of ways to make pizza. A chef will have their own input on making a perfect pie, and it may be totally different to the way the chef next door makes theirs. Even on a larger, more national scale, countries are known for having their own spin on making pizza. Bacon and pineapple might be favorite toppings in the United States, but they are decidedly less popular in other parts of the world. No matter where you are on Earth, you'll likely be able to find somewhere to order a slice.

Just about everybody sees that pizza is strongly associated with Italy. Even with pizza's widespread popularity, some would argue that you'd be hard pressed to find a better pie than one made in an Italian kitchen. According to a study conducted recently, over 85% of individuals surveyed had a favorable opinion of Italian food. That's nearly all of us!

So, what's their secret? Lest we forget, pizza basically originated from that part of the world. That is to say that experience plays a huge factor. Italians have been making pizza for generations, and it shows. It should come as a surprise to nobody, then, to learn that Italian pizza chefs have developed their own way of doing things. From the ingredients, preparation, time in the oven, to your plate -- there are time tested and honored ways of making this delicious treat work the Italian way.

It is hard to argue with the notion that some of the most important pieces of the process are wood fired pizza ovens. These ovens, particularly Italian wood fired pizza ovens, are a key piece of the puzzle when on a quest for the perfect pizza. Reaching extraordinarily high temperatures not typically achievable with normal kitchen equipment, these ovens can cook a pizza in under 90 seconds, if warm enough.

The authentic taste of these ovens' pizzas is remarkable. Anyone who tries one will be sure to fall in love, and will probably have thoughts about switching to wood fired pizza ovens themselves.

If you find yourself in those shoes, we can't blame you. There are few dining experiences as delicious, intimate, cultured, and perfect, as eating pizza from an authentic Italian kitchen. If you decide to recapture some of the magic and do want to look for pizza oven kits, know that your options are many. Due to the popularity of these types of stoves, you can now easily find outdoor pizza ovens, portable pizza ovens, and a plethora of equipment to get you started.