The Importance of Oven Insulation

You might have the best home pizza oven around, and you might make the best backyard pizza at your summer parties, but your outdoor pizza oven needs attention all year, not just when the weather is dry and warm.

Whether you use your countertop pizza oven in the winter or not, it’s important to keep it properly insulated when the temperatures drop. If you take the time to make sure your oven stays dry and remains insulated, it will last you many years without any trouble.

So, why is insulation so important, and how can you insulate your outdoor oven? Let’s find out.

Why Is Oven Insulation So Important?

Oven insulation needs to be taken seriously for a variety of reasons. First of all, it can help to keep you safe. You’ve probably noticed, in using your oven, that the outside can get warm to the touch. However, if the oven isn’t properly insulated, the outside can get very hot and dangerous. It can even cause a burn if someone touches it. When you’re having friends and family around, the last thing you want to do is risk someone getting hurt because they get too close.

When an outdoor oven isn’t properly insulated, it will also create problems with your cooking. Heat will constantly be escaping. So, your pizzas may cook unevenly and at different times because the oven will have to fully heat up again. Some pizzas might come out completely burned, while others might look too underdone.

Because you can cook other things in an outdoor pizza oven, not having it insulated can be dangerous. For example, if you were to try cooking meat in an oven that hasn’t been insulated properly, it might not cook evenly, leaving some spots undercooked and some spots overcooked.

How Can You Tell if Your Oven Has Adequate Insulation?

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Since the insulation of your oven not only will help to maintain adequate (and accurate) temperatures but will also keep you safer while using it, it’s important to educate yourself on how manufacturers insulate their products.

For example, at Fontana Forni, we use natural insulation that is 12cm thick to insulate across the sides, the top, back, front, and even underneath the oven itself. The result is an oven that heats evenly, cooks food more precisely, and is even safer to use. You can touch one of the sides while the oven is on and you won’t get burned.

When you’re looking for an outdoor pizza oven, one of the most important things you can do is learn how a particular manufacturer insulates it. Thickness and materials are very important, as well as where that insulation is installed. Doing your research and learning the answers to these questions will give you a better idea as to how the oven will perform and how it will retain heat.

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