The Best Home Backyard Upgrades for 2023

wood fired pizza oven

It may be cold and snowy now, but spring and summer will soon be around the corner, bringing all the warmth and outdoor fun with them. What better way to prepare for the warm weather than upgrading your backyard?

To help you get excited about the endless possibilities, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite backyard remodel ideas for 2023. From replacing your garden furniture to building an outdoor kitchen, check out our top outdoor space ideas to spruce up your yard and show off your DIY skills.

Why Upgrade Your Backyard?

Upgrading your outdoor living space using our list of the best backyard makeover ideas isn’t just a great New Year’s resolution; it offers a variety of benefits like:

  • Getting your home ready for spring and summer
  • Providing the perfect space to entertain friends and family
  • Increasing your home’s value overall

To help you get started on planning the backyard of your dreams, here’s four of our favorite backyard upgrade ideas.

Top 4 Backyard Upgrade Ideas for 2023

Plant a Garden

Want to spruce up your space? Plant a garden! Whether you want to create a DIY raised garden bed or add in some potted plants, there are hundreds of great options to make your outdoor space unique and fun.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your garden. Place a giant planter front and center or, if you have space, you can build a small pathway and line it with flowers on either side. Plus, you can opt for a veggie or herb garden to ensure you have fresh produce for all your outdoor oven dishes. If you have an open area, fruit trees are a great addition–think lemon or avocado. But if space is tight, consider a hanging garden to brighten up your walls and utilize whatever area you have to work with.

Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture

Even if you’re not interested in replacing your existing furniture, there are easy DIY fixes that can make your outdoor space look good as new. Buying new cushions for reupholstering your current ones, painting over chipped or cracked paint, or even just giving your wooden furniture a new coat of varnish can do wonders for your backyard aesthetic.

Switch Up the Atmosphere with New Lighting

Lighting can make a space look great indoors, but did you know it can also enhance your outdoor living space? Put twinkle lights over a pergola or hang string lights along your patio to give your outdoor space a whimsical feel.

A lantern is another great solution for a mobile light fixture because it allows you to grab and move it around at any time. You could even add lights to your flower beds or along a backyard walkway for a little extra flair.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen (with a Pizza Oven)

If you enjoy outdoor entertaining and cooking up a storm for your guests, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to elevate your outdoor space. One of the best ways to create a standout outdoor kitchen that will have your friends and family excited to visit no matter the time of year is an outdoor pizza oven. Versatile, unique, and a lot of fun to use, outdoor ovens make a great addition to even the most sophisticated backyard kitchens.

Why an Outdoor Pizza Oven for Your Backyard?

young man check pizza in wood fired oven

Pizza ovens have become an increasingly popular option for cooking outdoors. No pizza oven offers more aesthetic whimsy and authenticity to outdoor cooking than a wood-fired option.

With the right wood-fired pizza oven, you don’t have to stick to pizzas alone. Meats, bread, casseroles, and even dessert are all easily cooked in an outdoor pizza oven, which is why it’s one of the best backyard ideas to overhaul your outdoor living space.

New Year, New Backyard with Fontana Forni

Made in Italy and with over 40 years of innovation dedicated to building the perfect wood-fired pizza oven, Fontana Forni’s outdoor pizza ovens are built to last and make the perfect addition to any backyard kitchen.

Sleek, modern, and functional, a Fontana Forni pizza oven is guaranteed to be part of your backyard get-togethers for years to come.

If wood-fired pizza ovens aren’t your thing, Fontana Forni’s gas-powered brick pizza ovens are the perfect, convenient alternative that’ll get you cooking in mere minutes.

To learn more about how Fontana Forni’s outdoor pizza ovens can take your backyard upgrade to the next level, or order your outdoor pizza oven today, look through our website or call us at 877-842-9822.

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