Preventing Water Damage to Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor pizza ovens are great assets that provide quality homemade food and give any entertaining space a warm, rustic atmosphere. Of course, anything you keep outdoors will be regularly exposed to the elements. Water damage, in particular, can cause serious problems over time, potentially affecting your oven’s structure and function.

In 2019, the U.S. experienced another record-breaking year of precipitation with a 12-month average of 37.86 inches.¹ With wetness on the rise, protection is more important than ever. Here are a few easy ways you can prevent water damage to your outdoor pizza oven.

Purchase an Oven Cover

A fairly easy solution is to purchase a weatherproof cover that can serve as a physical barrier to keep out ice, snow, and rain. Choose one that is well-fitted and secure so that it won’t blow away, and make sure to check it occasionally for any damage or potential areas of leakage.

Utilize a Stainless Steel Protectant

In addition to using a cover, utilizing a stainless steel protectant will protect the integrity of the stainless steel of your metal outdoor cooking appliances. Contrary to popular opinion, even stainless steel can be susceptible to metal corrosion and rust in extremely humid or wet environments. Applying a stainless steel protectant twice a year will coat the surface of the metal with a protective barrier that will ward off moisture that can lead to metal corrosion.

Apply a Chimney Flue Cap

Just like it sounds, a chimney flue cap is a protective cap you place over the top opening of your pizza oven’s chimney. This prevents moisture from rain and melting snow from entering through the chimney, potentially damaging the interior of the oven and the metal of the chimney itself. Caps are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit the aesthetic of your particular oven.

Stay Vigilant

Water damage can easily worsen if the underlying issues aren’t corrected. Even when you’re not actively using your pizza oven, it’s important that you occasionally check it for problems and address them promptly.

Signs may include:

  • Cracking mortar and/or bricks
  • Powdery white salt deposits (“efflorescence”)
  • Discoloration and/or water spots
  • Standing water
  • Leaks through covers or other protective gear

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Choose a Resilient Product Design

If you’re still in the shopping stage, you can get ahead of the game by selecting a pizza oven that is well-crafted from durable materials. At Fontana Forni, we use the methods of the Italian masters to create metal outdoor woodfired ovens that combine quality, structure, and performance for the perfect handmade pizzas.

By using stainless steel for the primary external structure of the oven, we eliminate unnecessary risks of cracking and efflorescence, giving you a sturdy and stain-resistant oven you can easily keep outside with minimal maintenance. With features like electro-galvanized, powder-coated roofs, our products are engineered for the best possible corrosion resistance.

Explore our selection of quality outdoor pizza ovens for sale, or call (877) 842-9822 with questions.