How You Can Celebrate National Pizza Month

What Is National Pizza Month?

Pizza lovers everywhere will agree that this doughy delight must be celebrated and honored for the tasty treat that it is.

What better way to do that than with a whole month dedicated to pizza? Well, that’s why we have National Pizza Month.

It really doesn’t matter how you celebrate pizza during this month, as long as you have fun and enjoy all the pizza your stomach desires!

What Month Is National Pizza Month?

October is one of our favorite months because we get to dress up in awesome costumes and eat all the candy we can stand. But there is another reason to love this month: it is officially National Pizza Month!

So, no need to wonder when is national pizza month. Just get ready to make and dig into pizza any time you get an excuse to do so.

The observance of National Pizza Month started in 1984, ushered in by Gerry Durnell, who is the publisher of Pizza Today magazine. Gerry was obviously an avid pizza connoisseur and wanted everyone else to share in that love for this delicious pie.

How to Celebrate National Pizza Month

pizza margherita

To celebrate National Pizza Month in our own way, we’ve gathered some creative ideas on how you can make the most of this yummy festivity.

You can use these ideas to come up with your own celebrations or just follow our brief instructions.

Pizza Party and Trivia Night

Trivia night is always fun, and if you add pizza to the mix, it’s even better! Stock up on all the ingredients you need, bake fresh pizzas in your outdoor pizza oven, and collect the silliest trivia questions you can find.

Pizza Taste Test and Vote for the Best

Another fantastically mouth-watering way to celebrate National Pizza Month is by making all the pizzas you can manage and then letting everyone taste them. Of course, they should be blindfolded and have to decide on the best one by taste, not looks.

Try as Many New Pizza Recipes as Possible (Dessert and Breakfast Pizza)

There are so many different variants of pizza to choose from, why not try them all? It’s best to make them at home in your own pizza oven because that creates a different experience. Don’t know where to begin? Fontana Forni has plenty of delicious pizza recipes to get you started.

Read Pizza-Themed Books With Your Kids

Pizza is so beloved that countless books have been written about it. There are even books specifically for kids. You can make a night of it and read books like Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter or Pizza-Pie Snowman by Valeri Gorbachev to your children before bedtime.

Listen to Italian Music

We all know that Italians are to thank for pizza, so let’s celebrate that by enjoying some classic Italian music. If opera isn’t your thing, search for Italian music in your favorite genre and rock out to it!

Make Play Dough Pizza

You can also celebrate National Pizza Month by making play dough pizza. Finding recipes shouldn’t prove too difficult—YouTube is a great source for this. Adults and children alike can play with this delightful toy.

Enjoy National Pizza Month With Family

So, now that you know what month is national pizza month, you have the perfect excuse to heat up your outdoor pizza oven and make your family’s favorite pizzas. There truly is no better way to celebrate pizza than by making your own at home. Check out Fontana Forni’s backyard pizza oven selection for the best ovens that will be part of countless fond memories for years to come!