How to Best Slice Pizza

Pizza is one of the best meals you can make at home in your outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, but there’s one thing people don’t always agree on (apart from whether or not pineapple is a valid topping), and that’s how to cut a pizza. We all know that the best pizza slice is a triangle—or is it?

There actually are alternative ways to slice a pizza, and we wanted to share them with you. Check out these pizza cut styles and choose your favorite. Or, if you want to, use all of them depending on your mood!

Different Ways to Slice Pizza

Pesto Goat Cheese Pizza

If you’re holding a cocktail party or just gathering with friends and want to surprise them with yummy homemade pizza served uniquely, you can do so by slicing them differently.

Here are a few different ways to cut a pizza:

Traditional Triangles

We can’t discuss the various ways to cut pizza without first looking at the traditional—and as many might say the best—way.

This is the most efficient way to cut a pizza, which is why it’s so commonly done. When slicing pizza into triangles, you ensure that everyone gets a piece of crust. It’s easy to fold if you like doing that, and the slices are typically more even, so there’s no fighting about who got bigger pieces.


Square slices of pizza are also referred to as party cuts or tavern cuts. This way of cutting pizza is probably unfamiliar to some people but popular in many areas.

Cutting pizzas into square slices allows for much better portion control and makes it a bit easier to share. It can be tricky to slice a pizza into triangle pieces when you need to feed eight people on one pizza. Slicing squares takes care of that part.

However, when using this method, some slices will have crust and others don’t. This can be good, though, because we all know someone who doesn’t like pizza crust. Give them the squares without crust, and nothing gets wasted—problem solved!


Strips are another creative way to cut pizzas when serving them up. You can cut as thick or thin slices as you like and make the pizza-eating experience a little bit more fun.

Small Triangles

The small triangles are what you get when you slice a pizza into squares. These little bits are awesome for picky eaters or children who don’t have an appetite (which is very rare!).

Tips for Getting a Good Slice

Cut Right Out of the Oven

It’s best to cut the pizza as soon as it comes out of the oven, so it doesn’t toughen up as it cools down. You should let the pizza sit for only a few seconds and then proceed to cut it with a pizza cutter. If you’re using a chef’s knife, however, you should wait a little bit.

Use a Sharp Pizza Cutter

You should always use a sharp pizza cutter because a dull one will ruin the pizza. You can also use a pizza rocker knife, chef’s knife, or pizza scissors.

Authentic Pizza at Home

Now you know the different ways to cut a pizza and their benefits. Also, keep in mind the tips we shared on how to get that perfect slice of pizza. Has this article made you crave a slice of pizza? Check out Fontana Forni’s awesome range of pizza ovens, including high-quality gas-fired pizza ovens, so you can make pizza at home whenever you feel like it!