Tasty Tomahawk Steak Recipe

Fontana Forni's ovens aren't just for pizza! There's a myriad of dishes that you can easily create and serve. Now everyone knows that a juicy steak is always going to be a crowd-pleaser during those summer cookouts. And this massive tomahawk cut is perfect for sharing whether it's served with fresh sides or piled on top of a refreshing garden salad. Bonus? It only takes a few minutes to make.


  • Tomahawk steak (approx. 3 lbs.)
  • Fresh lemon
  • Rock salt


1.) Preheat the oven to 800°F.

2.) Wait for there to be a nice bed of coals then rake them evenly over the stones.

3.) Preheat the Tuscan grill over the coals for 10 minutes. 

4.) Make sure your steak is at room temperature.

5.) Pat dry and sprinkle amply with rock salt on all sides.

6.) Using heavy oven mitts, remove the grill and place the steak on top. Then insert back into the oven over the coals.

7.) Flip occasionally, about every 2 minutes.

8.) Cook until desired internal temperature reaches 135°F.

9.) Remove steak, wrap in foil, and let it rest for about 15 minutes.

10.) Slice steak and serve with your favorite accoutrements. We recommend a fresh arugula, cherry tomatoes on the vine, and roasted potatoes.