What Are the Best Tomatoes for Pizza Sauce?

A pizza is only as good as its sauce, which is why it’s essential to use only high-quality ingredients when making your own pizza. To make an amazing sauce, you have to use amazing tomatoes. Some tomatoes just work better than others, and using these will ensure your pizza is delicious and perfect for any occasion.

The Best Types of Tomato for Pizza Sauce

We’ve gathered all the information we could find to present the best tomatoes for pizza regardless of your toppings. Use these tomatoes and you—and anyone lucky enough to enjoy your homemade pizza with you—will be more than pleased at the result.

San Marzano Tomatoes

We all accept that Italians are masters when it comes to making pizzas. So, where else would the best tomatoes for pizza come from if not Italy?

San Marzano tomatoes are named after the southern Italian town where they “were born”—San Marzano sul Sarno.

Pizza fans, top chefs, and Italian cooks praise these tomatoes as the gold standard for taste.

If you want a genuinely Italian flavor experience, you’ll want to use San Marzano tomatoes when making your pizza sauce. The mild acidity and sweet flavor of these tomatoes are what make them so popular and prized.

Plum Tomatoes

Should you be unfortunate enough to not get your hands on San Marzano tomatoes, you can replace them with plum tomatoes. Although the flavor isn’t quite the same, the texture will be similar.

Typically, plum tomatoes are known by food lovers and chefs as “sauce tomatoes” because they work so well when making sauces.

In fact, the plum tomato is specifically grown for making tomato paste and sauces, which is why it is one of the best tomatoes for pizza.

How to Choose the Best Canned Tomatoes

Unfortunately, fresh tomatoes aren’t always feasible. Your local supermarket could be out of stock, it’s off-season for tomatoes, or any other reason resulting in you buying canned tomatoes. That’s not the disaster you may think.

There are some great canned tomato options that will still help you make a delicious sauce for your pizza. Let’s check out a few of the best tomatoes for pizza that come in cans.

Bianco DiNapoli Organic

Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes are quite unique but really delicious. They are commonly used by chefs in some of the world’s best restaurants but are still accessible to the everyday home cook.

When organically grown, you can rest assured these canned tomatoes will bring natural goodness to your pizza sauce and take it to the next level.

You’ll find that the tomatoes are packed with organic and natural ingredients like basil leaves and sea salt to add to their already respectable flavor.

San Marzano Whole

There is no denying that San Marzano is seen as one of the best tomatoes for pizza, and if you can’t get them fresh, the canned option is not to be looked down upon.

Most quality canned tomato suppliers make sure their San Marzano tomatoes are grown in the traditional method, which means matured seedlings are moved to fields and tied to wooden poles. Once they’ve ripened, they’re picked by hand, steam-peeled, and canned.

Using canned San Marzano tomatoes won’t lower the quality of your pizza sauce—just make sure you buy from a reliable brand.

Cento Plum Tomatoes

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Cento plum tomatoes are high quality and a great addition to any kitchen. The combination of fresh basil and sweet tomato flavor also makes it fantastic for pizza sauce.

Since these plum tomatoes have fewer seeds and “more tomato,” they’re very popular all over the world. You can make a delicious sauce with them that will ensure your homemade pizza is always something you and your family can look forward to.

Make Scrumptious Pizza At Home

Whether you use fresh tomatoes or their canned alternatives (available in most supermarkets), your sauce will be better when you use the best tomatoes for pizza. Choose your favorite of the ones we’ve listed here, follow our simple tomato sauce recipe and fire up one of the outstanding backyard pizza ovens from our range for a phenomenal pizza experience in the comfort of your own home!