Passover Recipes to Share with Your Family & Friends

Passover is quickly approaching and we've got a selection of recipes that will be perfect for celebrating the holiday. Plus, our in-house expert Philip will be creating a simple matzo on his Instagram LIVE event tomorrow at 2PM. Please tune in and let us know what you think!

Appetizer: Grilled Peppers

These are the perfect topping for matzo (not the bread seen here!) and packed full of flavor. Preserve any leftovers in a good quality olive oil and enjoy them anytime.

Soup: Canederli Tirolesi

We love this comforting soup and you can just sub-in matzo for the bread and leave out the pancetta or speck to keep it kosher.

Main Course: Red Drum Fish in Salt Crust

Don't be intimidated by the crust. It's easy to whip up in our ovens and is always a show-stopper when finally presented to the family. Cracking it open is our favorite part!

Side: Glazed Carrots

Simple to make and delicious...even the kids will love them!

Dessert: Drunken Poached Pears

Spill your four cups of wine into your dessert! These wine-soaked masterpieces will wow the crowd with their beautiful presentation. Did we mention they're very tasty too?