Fish Patties - Polpette di Pesce

Fish Patties - Polpette di Pesce


Fish patties are a simple and quick way to prepare mouthwatering morsels of goodness when fresh fish is available.  How satisfying to catch a beautiful Red Drum and then immediately prepare the fillets with fresh aromatics and elevate the patties to a whole new level of goodness when baked directly in the wood-fired oven.  Let's get started!



  • 800 grams Red Drum - also called Red, Redfish, Spottail Bass or Channel Bass 
  • Small bunch fresh lemon thyme
  • 1 bunch parsley chopped 
  • 1 cayenne pepper 
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 35 grams capers chopped
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 80 grams breadcrumbs
  • 3 eggs - 1 egg mixed into the minced fish mixture
  • 70-80 grams black Kalamata olives 
  • 130 grams breadcrumbs for breading the patties
  • 120 grams white wine
  • Olive oil as needed
  • Salt to taste
  • Arugula for garnish


  1. Preheat The Marinara Pizza Oven to 375°F - 190°C.
  2. Mince the Red Drum filets with a sharp knife.  This process can also be done in the food processor but the mixture may become too pasty.
  3. Finely chop the garlic, lemon thyme, cayenne pepper, capers and parsley.  Add them to the minced fish. 
  4. Grate the lemon zest into the fish mixture.   
  5. Add 80 grams of breadcrumbs, salt to taste, one egg, and thoroughly mix everything together.  Hands work best!
  6. Beat the 2 remaining eggs in a separate bowl with a pinch of salt, and place the leftover breadcrumbs in a separate bowl.    
  7. Shape the fish mixture into meatballs by rolling small portions with both hands.  Works best if hands are slightly wet.  
  8. Dip the round fish patties first in the egg mixture, then roll them in the breadcrumbs.  Set each breaded patty aside.
  9. Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil in a preheated skillet.
  10. Place the fish patties in the hot pan and drizzle some additional olive oil over the top.   
  11. Check the internal temperature of the oven floor with the infrared thermometer.  If needed, adjust the temperature of the oven by either closing or opening the damper on the chimney and by using only small pieces of wood to maintain a steady temperature. 
  12. Place the skillet in the preheated oven always being mindful not to let the flames billow across the dome of the oven.  At this point simply keep a small fire going.  
  13. Bake the patties for about 8-10 minutes, flip them over, add the olives and place them back into the oven for another 8-10 minutes, or until each side is a nice golden brown.  
  14. Remove the patties from the pan.  Place the slices of a lemon into the pan, as well as the white wine.  Put the pan back into the oven to allow the wine and lemon juice to reduce.  
  15. Once the sauce has reduced, place the fish patties back in the pan, allowing them to reheat inside the oven for about 3 minutes.
  16. Remove them from the oven and arrange the patties, the olives and lemon slices on a bed of arugula.  Garnish with some extra parsley and serve immediately!  Enjoy! 

Buon Appetito!

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