Wood Fired Pizza Ovens and You -- See What the World's Best Are Using

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Thinking of enjoying some fine Italian cuisine soon? We all are! It's been shown that over 93% of Americans eat at least one slice of pizza per month, so there's a fairly high chance you're right up there with us.

If you're anything like the average fan of Italian cuisine, you'll know that passion and excellence make up a huge part of the overall picture. Almost nothing comes close to the level of quality and time-honored tradition found in a good slice of pizza, made by an authentic master of the craft.

How do the masters back in Italy and Sicily do it? Almost unfailingly, they use ingredients and equipment in tandem with their extensive experience to create some of the best pies anywhere. A traditional kitchen simply can't compete with the level of quality or value the professionals and most passionate pizza chefs are using.

Meet the wood fired pizza oven by Fontana Forni. You've probably seen a wood fired pizza oven before -- some restaurants have them (and place them proudly within eyesight), and a cliche image of a traditional pizza maker might have one of these pieces of equipment in it somewhere. They're associated with great pizza -- because that's what they give us!

These outdoor pizza ovens burn so hot and use such traditional methods of heating (most burn three to four pieces of wood per hour), they can cook a pizza in under 90 seconds. That isn't to say that these ovens will save you much time or are aimed at cutting down on the amount of time you'll spend cooking -- they can sometimes take hours to heat up.

Believe us, it's worth it! Virtually every top-tier pizza chef will tell you, there is simply no alternative to cooking your pie in an Italian wood fired pizza oven. This method has been around since before conventional kitchen equipment and ovens were even invented, so the fact that they're still used today is flatly impressive.

Feel free to share your experiences with making the perfect pizzas.