Too Good NOT To Be True: the As-Much-Pizza-As-You-Want Diet Is Real!

This, friends, is journalism at its finest.

So how can the Pizza Diet actually be good for your health? First, no one is recommending an all-pizza all the time diet. But multiple studies have shown that men with "a little extra padding" are less at risk from serious diseases like "pneumonia, burns, stroke, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease." That benefit disappears somewhere between "a little extra padding" and obese, and not all scientists are convinced.

Still, there's additional evidence that men who eat more are more attractive to women. In fact, this might be hardwired into the male brain. The article also cites research from Cornell University that found men are more likely to pig out when they are in the presence of women:

"For the study, Cornell researchers from the Food and Brand Lab observed adults lunching at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet. They found men who dined with at least one woman ate 93% more pizza compared with those who ate exclusively with other men. That tendency to overeat extended to healthier options as well: Men ate 86% more salad in the company of women."

To be fair, 85% of survey respondents report that they have a positive opinion of Italian food, especially pizza. The average American will eat 46 slices of pizza every year (that means about 350 pieces of pizza are eaten every second!).

What does all this mean for your health? There's no reason to feel guilty after indulging in pizza night. So go ahead and tuck in! If you do want to eat healthier pizzas, then consider purchasing portable pizza ovens for sale. People with outdoor pizza ovens or Italian wood fired pizza oven kits can make home and hand-made healthy pizzas with tasty veggies, while also avoiding the processed junk you get from large chains.

Bottom line: if you're interested in eating better, or just eating better pizza, then it's time to start looking for portable pizza ovens for sale.