The Pizza Oven vs. the Grill for Making Pizza

A BBQ grill can be a handy addition to any backyard environment, but, where it comes to making homemade pizza, your grill isn’t likely to offer you the most benefit in terms of health, flavor, temperature, or cooking experience. Join us as we compare the benefits of a pizza oven vs. grill.

Charcoal Contains Hazardous Chemicals

Charcoal has been used on grills for decades, but we now know that the risks of grilling with charcoal far outweigh the benefits.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines, or HCAs, are dangerous compounds formed when fat from meat drips onto charcoal. The smoke from that burning fat rises up through the grill, depositing itself on the food.

Many different HCA compounds have been identified on charcoal-grilled foods, as well as foods cooked on gas grills. All of them have been linked with increased cancer risk. In addition, the regular consumption of grilled meats has been associated with higher breast, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer risk. The longer food remains on a charcoal grill, the more these compounds will collect.

An outdoor pizza oven doesn’t need charcoal to cook any kind of meal; instead, your gas-fired or wood pizza oven can provide you with healthy meals in your home any time you wish.

Temperature Control

It’s true that charcoal grilling allows you to control your heat easily by moving charcoal into one area of the grill when you want a higher temperature. If you want to cook a pizza properly, you need a high, even temperature and a sealed environment. A charcoal grill isn’t sealed, so heat escapes too quickly.

Your kitchen oven provides steady heat, but cooking indoors, especially during hotter months, only adds heat to your home. This raises cooling costs and forces you to be near the kitchen for 20 minutes or more.

The stainless steel damper control on well-insulated outdoor gas or wood-fired pizza ovens can reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees F and offer you precise temperature control. Both features allow you to cook anything in five minutes or less. You get to enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza on every occasion, in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing minutes in your backyard.

The Flavor Factor

Marinades and barbeque sauces can both be flavorful additions to grill-cooked foods, but an outdoor grill can’t be guaranteed to lock flavor in. The only way to achieve this is to use high heat that can’t escape.

The outdoor pizza oven is the ideal option for achieving the full flavor you want. Thanks to the high temperatures it generates over short periods of time, your delicious pizza toppings retain all of their flavor, along with their nutrients. No other cooking method will give you the same flavor experience as a pizza oven; in fact, most people prefer this cooking method.

Versatility and Ease-of-Use

Roasted Chicken

Did you know that a pizza oven is far more versatile than any barbecue grill? It’s true; you can make any dish, from entree to dessert, in a pizza oven, not to mention freshly baked bread.

These ovens also offer far more cooking space than a grill, allowing you to cook any number of dishes at the same time, with no need to remove any cookware. Ease-of-use represents yet another benefit of cooking with a pizza oven; simply lay your pizza dough right on the stone. When it’s ready, all you need is a pizza peel for quick and effortless removal.

Cleaning your pizza oven is equally easy. This is due in part to the stainless steel construction of a Fontana Forni oven. The smooth surface makes it very easy to remove soot, and the simple construction allows you to remove ash and any food debris in minutes.

A Traditional Culinary Experience with a Modern Advantage

The wood fired pizza oven has been used for centuries, and provides a traditional culinary experience that a grill simply cannot match. Thanks to their availability, you no longer have to travel to Italy to enjoy this experience.

Modern stainless steel pizza ovens from Fontana Forni contain all the benefits of their traditional counterparts, but with the efficiency and convenience of a modern appliance. Our ovens are both designed and made right in Italy using generations of knowledge.

Whether you choose a large oven or one that fits on your countertop, any size indoor or outdoor kitchen can accommodate a Fontana Forni wood-burning or gas-powered pizza oven, making it possible to have authentic pizza at home anytime you want. For an even better experience, consider adding one of our authentic Neapolitan Saputo pizza stones.

Say Hello to Fontana Forni and “Arrivederci” to Grilling Your Pizza

Dual Chamber Pizza Oven

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