The Pizza Oven vs. the Grill for Making Pizza

A BBQ grill can be a handy addition to any backyard environment, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to cook a pizza. We’ve compared four key features of making pizza on a grill vs. an oven: heating method, insulation, longevity and versatility.

Heating Method

Grills heat from below. While you can move the charcoal around on a grill to control the heat, its open design lets heat escape too quickly. This makes it hard to reach and maintain the high temperatures needed for cooking pizza properly. Pizza ovens, on the other hand, produce three directions of heat: radiant heat from the source beside the cooking area, broiling heat from the top, and radiant heat from the stone surface below.

For the best results when cooking pizza on the grill, it is advisable to use high-quality charcoal, which produces less smoke and fewer harmful compounds. This isn’t a concern with a gas or wood-fired pizza oven, but you can also use this kind of charcoal as an alternative oven fuel.


Grills have next to no insulation and cool down quickly. Our pizza ovens, on the other hand, are well-insulated, providing not only prolonged heat retention but also safety at high temperatures. With an industry-leading rating of 1-inch clearance to combustibles, the outside of a Fontana Forni oven stays safe to touch even at an internal temperature of more than 700 degrees F.

This insulation, combined with the stainless steel damper control in our ovens, allows for precise temperature adjustments. Our pizza ovens heat up gradually, but maintain high temperatures efficiently. On the grill, heat simply escapes too quickly and is too difficult to keep consistent for the best pizza results. In an insulated Fontana Forni oven, you can consistently cook just about anything in 5 minutes or less.

The sealed, high-heat environment of a pizza oven also helps to lock in flavor. While grilled food made with marinades and barbecue sauces is certainly delicious, cooking pizza on a grill won’t help toppings retain their flavors and nutrients in the same way.


Most grills tend to use lighter, thinner materials and may feature construction that compromises long-term durability, such as screws or rivets. In stark contrast, Fontana Forni pizza ovens are built from 2.5mm thick stainless steel that is solid welded, offering unmatched structural integrity and longevity. In the contest of pizza oven vs. grill, there’s no comparison when it comes to toughness. Thick, durable materials and welded construction ensure that our ovens resist wear and tear and last longer than the typical thin, screwed-together grill.

Versatility and Ease-of-Use

Fontana Forni steak grilling

Grills are great for grilling, searing, and sometimes smoking, depending on the grill. However, the higher temperatures and radiant heat of a pizza oven allow you to grill, sear, bake, roast, and smoke a variety of dishes, from entrees and desserts to fresh, handmade bread. The large cooking area allows you to make multiple dishes at the same time. They're also extremely easy to use: you can place pizzas directly on the stone and remove them quickly with a pizza peel when they're ready.

The smooth surface of a stainless steel Fontana Forni oven makes it easy to wipe away soot, ash and food debris in minutes. Grills, on the other hand, tend to have areas that trap grease and collect char, requiring you to spend time scrubbing with a grill brush.

A Traditional Culinary Experience with a Modern Advantage

The wood fired pizza oven has been used for centuries, and provides a traditional culinary experience that a grill simply cannot match. Thanks to their availability, you no longer have to travel to Italy to enjoy this experience.

Modern stainless steel pizza ovens from Fontana Forni contain all the benefits of their traditional counterparts, but with the efficiency and convenience of a modern appliance. Our ovens are both designed and made right in Italy using generations of knowledge.

Dual Chamber Pizza Oven

Whether you choose a large oven or one that fits on your countertop, any size indoor or outdoor kitchen can accommodate a Fontana Forni wood-burning or gas-powered pizza oven, making it possible to have authentic pizza at home anytime you want. For an even better experience, consider adding one of our authentic Neapolitan Saputo pizza stones.

Say Hello to Fontana Forni and “Arrivederci” to Grilling Your Pizza

The top-quality ovens you’ll find at Fontana Forni offer strong and reliable construction, uniform heat distribution, precise temperature control, and so much more. You can discover all of the benefits of investing in a Fontana Forni wood-fired pizza oven today by visiting us online or calling 877-842-9822.