The Complete Pizza Peel Buyer’s Guide

Pizza peels are used to safely transfer pizza in and out of super-hot pizza ovens. While all pizza peels perform the same function, not all pizza peels are made equal: With many sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from, finding the best pizza peel for your needs can be challenging!

The shape of your pizza peel is the first thing you should consider. Pizza peels are either square or round, and each is suited to different types and sizes of pizza ovens. A round pizza peel, for example, allows you to adjust pizzas anywhere in an oven, which also makes it ideal as a pizza-turning peel. By contrast, a traditional square pizza peel is best for moving large individual pizzas cooked in wide-mouth pizza ovens.

In most cases, pizza peels have a beveled surface that makes it easier to slide pizzas on and off. The material of the peel can also aid in moving pizzas around effortlessly. For instance, a metal pizza peel made from steel or aluminum provides a low-friction surface for smooth sliding. 

While wood peels have always been the traditional and inexpensive option, they’re prone to burning and are difficult to clean compared to metal pizza peels. Using a wood peel for pizza instead of a perforated metal peel can result in potential issues such as sticking, moisture absorption, and sanitation concerns due to wood's heat retention and resistance to thorough cleaning. Additionally, wood peels require regular maintenance and may be less durable than metal peels. Perforated metal peels offer better airflow and versatility for baking, making them a more convenient and hygienic option.

Another issue with wood peels is their highly porous surface, which requires lots of sediment (flour or cornmeal) to keep the pizza from sticking. Since there are no perforations, all that flour and cornmeal ends up getting deposited directly on the stones. The moisture-free sediment immediately caramelizes in chars—resulting in burnt powder or burnt sediment that burns the bottom of the pizza.

It’s also important to choose the right size of pizza peel for your oven. Most pizza peels have a surface roughly 12 to 13 inches wide, with handles extending at least several feet long. Most importantly, however, the pizza peel you choose should fit your oven and allow enough mobility and distance to safely handle your pizzas.

For more information on what to look for, check out the infographic below and explore the Fontana Forni line of pizza peels and oven accessory kits.

The Complete Pizza Peel Buyer’s Guide Infographic