6 Sizzlingly Surprising Pizza Facts You Didn’t Know

There are few people in the world who can genuinely say they don’t like pizza. It is delicious, cheesy, and you can put almost anything on it. But how much would you say you actually know about pizza? Well, we’re here to test your knowledge with some pretty spectacular pizza facts!

Did you know pizza has its own month of celebration? Can you name on which single day in the US the most pizza is eaten? How about taking a guess when the first pizza was made? To honor this favorite meal, we’ll be looking at some of the most interesting and fun facts about pizza that you may not have known.

Without further ado, here are cool facts all about pizza!

Be warned, though. These pizza history facts might end up making you crave your favorite slice! If that happens, you’re certainly not the only one! Why not gather your dearest friends and family and make your own homemade pizza to celebrate everything that’s great about it?

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Surprising Pizza Facts Infographic

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