7 Reasons You Need a Home Pizza Oven

There are few meals as satisfying and delicious as pizza—whether it’s at a birthday party, a family gathering, or just to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of summer, pizza is always a great option and preferred by guests.

Did you know that one in eight Americans eat pizza on any given day? It’s no secret that pizza is one of the most popular meal choices in not only the US but all around the world. America is the second-biggest consumer of pizza, only beaten by Norway.

One reason pizza is so beloved is because it’s an experience—deciding on toppings, sharing with family and friends—and what better way to make the most of it than with a home pizza oven? Ahead we’ll share with you seven of our favorite reasons to have a pizza oven for the home. Sneak peek: It’s not just for making pizza!

From creating memorable weekday evenings outdoors to ditching delivery, your home pizza oven will serve you well. Fontana Forni pioneered the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven so we know a thing or two about this! If you’re looking for the best pizza oven for home, you've come to the right place.

With over 40 years of innovation, Fontana Forni has perfected the outdoor pizza oven and we want to share it with you. Read on to discover what you’ve been missing out on with a home pizza oven, and then stick around to explore our wood-fired and gas-fired oven options!

Reasons You Need a Home Pizza Oven Infographic

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