Pizza Oven Safety

Using a backyard pizza oven is great—you get to make pizzas whenever you crave them, and you don’t even have to leave your home! You can also host parties or invite over friends and family and enjoy one of the best meals made to be shared—pizza!

Of course, your safety and that of your friends, family, and pets are important, and you must always be diligent to avoid accidents. One of the best ways to ensure you are safe when making pizza is using a quality pizza oven. A well-designed oven made from quality materials is far less likely to give you trouble than a cheaper model would.

The other way to ensure everyone can safely enjoy your pizza-making adventures is by practicing pizza oven safety.

There are many ways you can make sure everyone’s safety is guaranteed when you make pizza at home. The most basic element is the installation of your pizza oven. You have to make sure it is properly installed so that nothing can go wrong on that front.

You must never install a backyard pizza oven close to anything that could be flammable. Washing lines, gazebos, electric power lines, and bushes or overhanging branches are a big no-no.

It’s important that you use backyard pizza ovens outside only. It mustn’t be used in an enclosed area because of the heat built up to prepare the pizza perfectly. Naturally, you shouldn’t move it around when in use either, and you must inspect your oven’s hoses regularly. They’re exposed to the elements and can wear out.

As you can see, it’s important that you always take care when making pizza. Remember the safety tips we shared with you here and invest in a high-quality pizza oven; it’s essential for you and your family’s safety. Fontana Forni’s range of quality outdoor pizza ovens is a safe bet, and they look beautiful too!

Pizza Oven Safety Infographic

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