How to Turn Homemade Pizza into a Learning Activity for Kids

Teaching our children through fun activities is a great way to bond with them while making sure they’re learning important skills in life. It also shows them that learning can be fun and doesn’t have to be something they dread or don’t want to do.

There are many ways to make learning fun for children of all ages, and we’re going to give you some tips on how to use pizza in an educational and fun way. Using pizza for kids’ activities can be a lot of fun and is different from the normal way of trying to make learning less boring.

Why Pizza for Learning Activities?

Pizza has a bad reputation as an unhealthy meal, but when prepared right, it can be very nutritious and packed with vitamins and all those good things. And pizza is beloved by kids everywhere, which means they’ll be very excited when it’s part of their learning process.

Plus, it’s easy!

Family are cooking italian pizza in cozy home kitchen

1. Basic Cooking Skills

One of the main things you can easily teach kids while making pizza at home is basic cooking skills. They will have to measure the right amounts of ingredients and also prepare the toppings.

The dough will have to be rolled and they’ll learn about safety around heat sources like wood-fired pizza ovens. If you have a group of kids, you can also teach them about responsibilities by giving them different tasks to take care of.

2. Decision-Making Skills

The children will have to choose what ingredients they want to use as the toppings of their pizza. They will also have to decide whether they want to make their own pizza sauce from scratch or choose one from the store.

You can also let the kids be creative with their toppings and use ingredients not often considered and place them in patterns or shapes. They must choose the type of cheese they want on top as well.

3. Incorporate School Subjects in Pizza Making

You can use this activity as more than just a pizza game for kids. It is also a good opportunity to teach them more about the fundamental school subjects.


The kids can learn about the role of yeast in food—how it works and why it works. They can monitor the way the dough rises and learn about how different conditions will affect the dough’s rising process. You can discuss the chemical changes that happen when pizza is made.


These make your own pizza activities are also good for teaching your children about fractions and shapes in a visual and fun way. You can even teach them about angles when cutting the pizza.

History and Geography

While going over how to make pizza for kids, you can discuss where pizza comes from and how it became the meal it is today. Pizza has an interesting history!

Making Pizza With Kids Can Be Fun and Educational

As you can see, you can use the activity of making pizza at home to teach children many different skills and impart knowledge. Just make sure you use a high-quality outdoor pizza oven. It will be more fun to spend time learning outside, and reliable pizza ovens are safer too. Fontana Forni's selection of outdoor pizza ovens and accessory kits are ideal for making pizza at home with your kids, so check them out today!