How to Grow an Indoor Pizza Herb Garden

Making pizza at home in your outdoor pizza oven can be a great joy, and doing it with fresh herbs that you grew yourself takes the experience to a whole new level. Growing a herb garden is fun as well, despite the common belief that it’s not always feasible. If you’ve ever wondered about how to grow an indoor herb garden, stay tuned because we’ll look at all the pizza herbs you can grow at home.

Pizza Herbs That Can Be Grown Indoors

This list consists of the most popular pizza herbs to get you started. Once you’re comfortable with growing these herbs, you can always expand your herb garden to include other plants as well.


Basil is a classic herb for pizza because it goes so well with tomatoes. It’s easy to grow this herb indoors as long as you plant it in a rich and organic potting mix. This herb prefers lots of bright light and heat so avoid cool and drafty areas of your home.


Oregano is another favorite when making pizza and it’s great for soups, sauces, casseroles, and stews. Grow oregano in an area with strong to moderate light and give it water when the soil surface is dry. Don’t let the soil dry out completely though.


If you want to grow chives, make sure you’ve got high-quality organic soil. Chives grow best when placed in bright light so choose a south-facing window for these onion-flavored herbs.


Garlic, a staple for many pizza lovers, is surprisingly good for an indoor herb garden. You can plant it in potting soil and place the pot on a sunny window ledge. It’s only necessary to water them lightly and they’ll grow quite fast as well.

Where to Keep Your Indoor Garden

Where you store your indoor garden herbs depends on the herbs in question. The sunniest spot in your home should be the best area for most of the herbs because they’ll need sunshine to thrive.

South-facing windows get the most light for the longest time so that could be your best bet.

However, if you have grow lights, you can put your herbs anywhere you want to install the lights. Your herbs should be placed within a foot of the light bulbs unless stated differently in the instructions.

Set a Watering Schedule

Beautiful and delicious homemade pizza with own herbs

To avoid forgetting to water your herbs or giving them too much water, plan a watering schedule that suits each of your plants best. Most herbs don’t require a lot of water so make sure you know just how much is needed for each herb.

Harvest When Ready

Typically, you’ll want to harvest a little at a time to avoid cutting off so much of your herbs that they can’t grow anymore. You should try to avoid removing more than a quarter of your herb plant at a time. This could distress the plant and it might die.

Delicious Homemade Pizza With Your Own Herbs

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