Holiday Gift Guide for Pizza Lovers and Foodies

Christmas is coming up fast, and it’s time to put your holiday shopping into high gear. If you’ve got family members and friends who consider themselves foodies, our ultimate 2020 gift guide can help you find the perfect culinary commodities for everyone on your list.

Imported Luxury Cheeses

Who doesn’t love cheese? If you have a friend or loved one who’s a cheese aficionado, treat them to some unique, unusual, or fancy imported cheeses from around the globe. Great choices include classics like Parmigiano-Reggiano, Manchego, Brie, Gruyere, Stilton, and Jarlsberg. For the ultimate variety, consider giving an international sampler or a convenient monthly subscription box.

Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden

When it comes to flavoring a dish, no dried seasoning can compare to fresh herbs. Give the gift of tasty home-grown herbs with an indoor hydroponic garden kit. The recipient will be able to add fragrant flavor to their meals right from their countertop, all for a fraction of the price of typical grocery store herbs.

Hydroponic herb gardening kits commonly include everything needed to get started, including lights and starter herbs. This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to grow herbs year-round, even if they don’t have the greenest thumb.

Imported Italian Tomatoes

For the very best pizza and pasta sauces, authentic Italian tomatoes are a must-have. Canned tomatoes and tomato paste made from Italian-grown produce make great stocking stuffers or gift basket components. The gift of Italian tomatoes also fits perfectly with imported cheeses and freshly grown herbs, completing the true pizza lover’s trifecta!

Deluxe Knife Set

Even if they’ve already got a full set of knives, they might no longer be, well, “cutting it.” A quality set of sharp, durable knives from a reliable brand can make all the difference. Foodie recipients will be thrilled to receive an extensive, deluxe set with various knife types and specialty tools like a boning knife, carving fork, and/or sharpening steel. For the very best quality, look at knife sets from professional brands like J.A. Henckels, Wusthof, Shun, and Chicago Cutlery.

Gourmet Spices

For many of us, good spices are something we rarely buy for ourselves. If there’s

wooden shelf with bottles of spices

someone on your list who could do with something other than salt and pepper, a variety of unique spices and seasonings can help punch up their cooking. Choose a pre-selected themed gift box, or curate your own set of spices to suit your recipient’s tastes.

High-Quality Cutting Board

Another truly crucial must-have for the culinary-inclined is a high-quality attractive cutting board. For the serious home chef, choose a durable, easy-to-clean cutting board made from quality materials that won’t dull or damage knives. Boards made from woods like teak, maple, or bamboo are a great choice for most purposes, and they’re generally easy to care for.

Smoked Meats

Looking for something to thrill a total carnivore? Give them a selection of tasty smoked meats in a variety gift basket. Smoked ham, bacon, sausages, beef jerky, and other delectable meat products can be eaten as a snack, incorporated into recipes, or used to top delicious gourmet pizzas.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Cookware

When it comes to cookware, nothing is more durable or reliable than well-seasoned cast iron. Whether they’re a budding home cook or an experienced chef, a good cast iron skillet, grill pan, dutch oven, or griddle is a practical gift that will keep on giving. Cast iron cookware is also an excellent gift for owners of an outdoor pizza oven, as it can be placed right into the wood-fired heat for a smoky, flavorful result.

Unique Wines

A true wine connoisseur can never have enough bottles of wine on hand. This holiday season, why not give them something they’ve never tried before? Select a bottle of something they’ve been dying to try or go outside the box with something like rose petal wine, pumpkin wine, or even jalapeño wine.

Just because a wine is expensive and made by a highly lauded winemaker, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best-tasting wine. By shopping from smaller, lesser-known companies, you can find truly unique, good-quality wines without breaking your holiday budget. You may discover a hidden gem that makes a perfect gift!

Custom Rolling Pin

There’s no better way to add a personal touch to one’s baking experience than with a custom rolling pin. Various retailers can custom stamp or burn a rolling pin to display a name, decorative design, or cute slogan. Get the newlyweds a pin featuring their names and wedding date, or give grandma a “Grandma’s Kitchen” rolling pin that she can proudly display in her kitchen as décor.

Another fun option is to give a pin that rolls a custom pattern into the dough. Rather than the typical smooth cylinder, these clever rolling pins are textured in a way that imprints or embosses the dough with a design. Hearts, stars, snowflakes, cats—whatever they like; there’s a rolling pin that will imprint it.

Air Fryer

Air fryers have been all the rage for a few years, and for good reason. By circulating hot air and carefully controlling the cooking temperature, air fryers manage to create crispy, crunchy fried-like foods without actually frying them. They tend to cook faster than traditional ovens, and the omission of fatty frying oils is meant to produce a healthier result. If you have a loved one who’s looking to cut down on grease but still loves a good French fry, an air fryer is a perfect gift.

Personalized Apron or Chef’s Coat

If you’ve got someone in your life who fancies themselves a serious home chef, a custom, personalized apron or coat could be a fabulous gift. First, choose a stain-resistant base kitchen garment that suits their style. Then, have it embroidered with their name, a monogram, or even a fun slogan. The result is a practical gift that will make them think of you every time they wear it.

Fun Food Subscription Box

Thanks to advancements in e-commerce and shipping, there are dozens of subscription box services available today. If you’ve got a foodie friend or family member who likes to try new things, they might love to receive a monthly delivery of interesting edible goodies.

There’s a subscription box for just about every taste and type of person, from international snacks to gourmet candies. For a classy gift, consider something like the Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club. For the curious, fun-loving snacker, a monthly variety of snacks from the MunchPak subscription box might be a great fit.

Pizza Oven and Accessories by Fontana Forni USA

outdoor pizza oven at backyard

One of the ultimate gifts for pizza lovers is an authentic wood-fired pizza oven. This gives them the ability to create their own homemade pizzas with a traditional rustic Italian flavor. Rather than being another one-use kitchen gadget, an outdoor pizza oven can also be used to make breads, roasted meats, and much more. To complement their new oven, include pizza oven accessories, like a metal pizza peel, oven cover, and cleaning kit.

Fontana Forni pizza ovens are an excellent choice of gift, as they’re manufactured in Italy and are truly authentic. All of their ovens are crafted from durable, easy-to-clean materials, and they’re designed to maintain the perfect cooking temperature for beautifully melted cheese and crisp, delicious crust. Browse our selection of backyard pizza ovens and convenient accessory kits today to find the perfect gourmet foodie gifts.