Here's How Portable Pizza Ovens are Helping a Whole New Generation Experience the Authentic Taste of Italy

 Portable Pizza Oven

It's no secret that today's kids are obsessed with their smartphones, and most adults would admit that they spend a bit too much time on electronic devices as well. It's also quite obvious that kids' eating habits have changed dramatically in the past decade or so, and most of the food they eat is processed in a factory across the country.

If you've been looking for a way to make your kids put down the smartphones and pull up to the family dinner table, then look no further. Portable pizza ovens are one of the biggest culinary sensations America has seen in years, and for good reason. Portable pizza ovens allow you to bring the family together for a fun pizza-making experience, just like families in Italy have done for centuries. Plus, you can even take these portable outdoor wood fired pizza ovens to have a nice family meal while enjoying the sunset.

The delicious pizza these ovens create is truly just the beginning of what they can offer to your family and friends. Here is how portable pizza ovens can bring your family together to experience the authentic taste of Italy:

  • Real pizza, real ingredients
    More than 350 slices of pizza are eaten each second in the U.S., and unfortunately, the majority of this pizza is processed and fake. Processed frozen pizza is fine for a school lunchroom, but your family deserves something real when they sit down at the dinner table. The Italians only use the finest ingredients when making their pizza because they simply taste better. Plus, creating your own pizza is much healthier than buying store-bought alternatives.
  • Bring the family together
    In the past two decades, the frequency of family dinners has declined by a staggering 33%. Furthermore, even the families that do eat dinner together are not having real conversations. Sixty years ago, the average dinner time was 90 minutes. In the digital age of 2016, it is less than 12 minutes. Portable pizza ovens give you the opportunity to reconnect with your children over a great meal, which is exactly what the Italians do every single night.
  • Take your pizza show on the road
    Have you ever tried to make a pizza in your normal kitchen oven, only to realize that the entire house is now filled with billowing smoke? There's nothing more relaxing than grilling out in open space, and that's exactly what portable pizza ovens can offer. Plus, you can take them along on camping trips to bring that authentic taste of Italy with you.

Our outdoor pizza ovens are helping families all over the world to reconnect, and it doesn't hurt that they also produce incredibly tasty food. Invest in a top-notch portable pizza oven and experience the authentic taste of Italy for yourself.