Celebrating Fontana Forni's NSF Certification

We are thrilled to share the news that we've received NSF certification for our commercial Vulcano and Prometeo ovens, a significant milestone that highlights our dedication to quality, safety, and excellence. It’s an achievement that’s important for both us and our valued customers.

What Is the NSF Certification?

NSF International, formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation, is a global organization focused on public health and safety. NSF certification is a prestigious mark given after testing shows a product meets strict standards for public health protection. The thorough testing essentially guarantees that certified products are safe and reliable.

Earning NSF certification is a thorough process involving detailed evaluations. Products undergo extensive testing and inspection to meet NSF’s high standards.

This testing process includes:

  • Material Safety: Ensuring all materials used are safe and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Design Evaluation: Checking the design to ensure it can be cleaned and maintained properly to reduce contamination risks.
  • Performance Testing: Conducting rigorous tests to confirm the product performs reliably and safely under normal use.

Our Vulcano and Prometeo ovens have now undergone this rigorous certification process and have met all the stringent criteria set by NSF. This thorough inspection and testing reassure our customers that these products are not only high-quality and efficient but also safe and reliable. When you buy one of our certified ovens for your kitchen, you can rest assured that it has been meticulously examined and approved to the highest standards.

Why Receiving NSF Certification Is a Game Changer

NSF certification is more than just meeting standards—it shows our commitment to excellence.

This certification matters because:

  1. It’s a Symbol of Trust and Quality
    NSF certification is globally recognized as a symbol of trust and quality. It assures consumers and businesses that the certified products meet the highest safety and performance standards. For Fontana Forni, it emphasizes our dedication to delivering top-quality products our customers can trust.
  2. It Assures Compliance with Health Regulations
    For commercial kitchens, NSF certification is often required to comply with local health regulations. This certification ensures our Prometeo and Vulcano pizza ovens meet all necessary health and safety guidelines, making it easier for businesses to pass health inspections and operate smoothly.
  3. It Indicates Enhanced Product Performance
    The stringent testing and evaluation process for NSF certification ensures our commercial products not only meet safety standards but also perform at their best. Choosing a Fontana Forni Prometeo or Vulcano pizza oven means you’re getting a product that is both safe and highly efficient.
  4. NSF-Certified Brands Stand Out in a Competitive Market
    In a competitive market, NSF certification sets our products apart. This certification is a clear indicator that Fontana Forni commercial pizza ovens are held to the highest standards of quality and safety. It gives us an edge over competitors and makes it easier for shoppers to find the best caliber of product.

What This Certification Means for You

When you buy an NSF-certified Vulcano or Prometeo oven, here’s what you can expect.

Quality and Reliability

NSF certification gives you confidence that your Prometeo or Vulcano oven is safe, reliable, and made with the highest quality standards. Our certified commercial pizza ovens are built to provide excellent performance while ensuring your safety.

Consistent Results and Food Quality

NSF certification assures you that you’ll get consistent results and high-quality food from our commercial ovens. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

You'll Have What You Need for Your Business

For businesses, especially in the food service industry, NSF certification is crucial. It helps you meet regulatory requirements and provides peace of mind that the equipment you use is safe and compliant. Fontana Forni’s NSF-certified Prometeo and Vulcano pizza ovens are designed to support the demanding needs of commercial kitchens, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Improve Your Kitchen With a Fontana Forni  NSF-Certified Commercial Pizza Oven

Prometeo Commercial Wood-Fired Oven from Fontana Forni

Our NSF-certified commercial ovens can take your kitchen to the next level of quality. Perfect for both professional kitchens and serious home chefs, our beautiful Vulcano and Prometeo wood-fired commercial ovens are a top choice for pizza makers who demand the best.

The Prometeo

Our Prometeo oven is a standout choice for outdoor pizza enthusiasts, offering a combination of traditional design and modern efficiency. This is our largest wood-fired oven model, designed for those who value both performance and style. It’s available as a countertop model or with an additional portable cart.

Specifications and Features:

  • Fuel Type: Wood-fired
  • Weight: 1058 lbs (countertop) or 1257 lbs (with cart)
  • External Dimensions: 56"W, 47"D, 114"H
  • Internal Dimensions: 48"W, 36"D, 17"H
  • Capacity: Eight 12" pizzas
  • Max Temperature: 900°F
  • Materials: Solid-welded 441 stainless steel, dual-layered certified food-safe brick flooring
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer defect, 4 years cooking chamber dome

The Prometeo heats up quickly, allowing for fast and even cooking of pizzas, breads, and other dishes. Its high-quality materials make it long-lasting and easy to clean, and its stylish design easily enhances the look of any commercial space.

The Vulcano

Our Vulcano oven is another top model that was designed for commercial use but is also suitable for serious home chefs. Its durable construction and advanced features make it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and high-performance pizza oven.

Specifications and Features:

  • Fuel Type: Wood-fired
  • Weight: 771 lbs (countertop) or 970 lbs (with cart)
  • External Dimensions: 48.3"W, 39.7"D, 98.4"H
  • Internal Dimensions: 39.7"W, 27.9"D, 16"H
  • Capacity: Four 12" pizzas (and one 10” pizza)
  • Max Temperature: 900°F
  • Materials: Solid-welded 441 stainless steel, dual-layered certified food-safe brick flooring
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer defect, 4 years cooking chamber dome

Built to withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen, the Vulcano maintains excellent cooking quality. Its large cooking surface allows for multiple pizzas or dishes to be cooked simultaneously. Constructed with premium materials, it ensures long-lasting performance and consistent cooking results.

Start shopping today to find the perfect NSF-certified oven that meets your needs. With Fontana Forni’s durable Italian craftsmanship and thoughtful design, you can be sure you’re getting a commercial pizza oven of the best construction and quality.