12 of the Biggest Pizza Days of the Year

One of the top favorite foods everyone enjoys is pizza. Yet, did you know that there are several pizza holidays throughout the year to enjoy your favorite pizzas? You can even celebrate pizza the entire month of October during National Pizza Month.

While you may have missed National Pizza Party Day, there are still plenty of national pizza days you can celebrate this year. Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on any of these delectable celebrations.

Perfecting Your Holiday Pizza Menu

It is essential to know what type of pizza is being celebrated on any given pizza holiday. For example, September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day. So celebrate in kind by making cheese pizzas with the highest-quality cow’s milk or buffalo mozzarella you can find. Or maybe even experiment outside the usual fare—chèvre or feta, anyone? You can even put cheese into the crust!

Another great way to celebrate the biggest pizza days of the year is to get an outdoor pizza oven from Fontana Forni. With your new pizza oven, you can make authentic-tasting wood-fired pizzas whenever you want.

Be sure to check out 12 of the biggest pizza days of the year by reviewing our pizza holiday infographic. Then, to find the perfect outdoor pizza oven for your home, browse our selection or contact us at 877-872-9822.

12 of the Biggest Pizza Days of the Year Infographic

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