September 02, 2020

Wondering what to do with those leftover pizza slices? Look no further than this helpful guide!

Even if you’re the type of person who enjoys eating cold pizza on its own (and don’t worry, we do too), you can use leftover slices for more things than you might think. From pizza croutons to pizza-based quiche crusts, leftover pizza provides you with a flavorful and versatile base for a wide range of culinary creations!

Whichever way you decide to use your leftover pizza, however, it’s important to remember that the pizza is already intensely flavorful. As a result, you’ll probably need to adjust the seasoning in certain recipes, especially those where the pizza is replacing an otherwise unflavored ingredient; a pizza quiche, for example, should use less seasoning in the filling due to the added flavor of the pizza crust.

Also, keep in mind the flavor of your pizza when using it for something else, especially when the flavor might complement or contrast with other flavors. For example, if you want to use pizza to make dipping sticks for soup, the pizza flavor can help you determine the best soup to use— such as a tomato soup for a multi-cheese pizza.

Thankfully, most pizza-based leftover hacks are pretty straightforward. Check out the graphic below for just a few simple ways to transform your leftover slices into something even more delicious than regular pizza! Need an outdoor oven to make pizza? Learn more about Fontana Forni USA’s outdoor pizza ovens!

Creative Ways to Enjoy Leftover Pizza Infographic

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