5 Reasons Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Are Better

Modern pizza first graced the face of the Earth in 1889. An Italian baker by the name of Raffaele Esposito made a dish involving bread topped with tomato, cheese, and seasoning for the Italian King Unberto and Queen Margherita. Not only did the royalty love his creation, it quickly spread like wildfire across the entire country. Since then, pizza has become a culinary favorite across the world, especially in the United States. Now, 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once every month. The average person consumes 46 slices every year. In fact, humans like pizza so much that every second of the day, 350 slices of pizza are simultaneously being eaten.

As you delve into the science of pizza-ology, you quickly see that part of the magic that pizza possesses comes from the wood fired pizza ovens that they are made in. The pizza ovens -- particularly outdoor wood fired pizza ovens -- that cook pizza to perfection is the secret ingredient that make it an American favorite.

Outdoor wood fired pizza ovens make such a difference in the taste and quality of pizza that in Italy, the birthplace of pizza, many people have them on the patio just like Americans have a barbecue. There are several reasons why the product of outdoor wood fired pizza ovens is better than pizza made in a conventional oven; standby for our awesome list.

Reasons Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Are Better

  • Outside pizza ovens have much higher and evenly-distributed temperatures. A conventional oven typically reaches a temperature of 550 degrees, with the top of the oven being a lot hotter than the bottom. This causes the cheese and toppings to be finished cooking before the crust is ready. In an outdoor wood pizza oven, the fire from the wood heats the area to about 800-1,000 degrees. The bricks evenly absorb the heat, so that every surface of the oven is emanating the same temperature. The high heat and even distribution enables you to get that perfect golden crust at the exact moment that your cheese is perfectly melted.
  • Wood burning pizza ovens do their magic much faster. Despite the insanely high heat that a wood burning pizza oven generates, it is far more efficient at both building heat and cooking your pizza. A wood burning pizza oven is ready to go in about 50 minutes-- if a conventional oven is even capable of reaching the right temperature, it takes three hours. When you put the pizza in a wood fired oven, it is toasted to perfection in just 90 seconds. This matters because the longer your pizza has to sit in the heat to bake, the more moisture that evaporates from it and the dryer you slice is.
  • The flavor of a wood fired pizza is unmatched. The smoke generated by the burning oils in the wood gives the pizza a unique flavor that no conventional oven can reproduce. Not to mention, the fast cooking creates a special caramelization of the ingredients that accentuate their deep flavors. As an added bonus, the chef who oversees the pizza creation also picks up the delicious smokey smell, making them irresistible to other humans. Wink wink.
  • Pizza from a wood fired oven is healthier. As pizza slowly cooks in a conventional oven, the nutrients are slowly destroyed. On the other hand, the quick-hit heat of a wood fired oven just chars the surface of the veggies, locking in the nutritional value. Basically, what we're saying is a pizza diet is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's a wood fired pizza diet.
  • Mother Nature prefers wood fired pizza ovens. Your conventional oven guzzles down electricity as it cooks your pizza. On the other hand, using an outdoor wood fired pizza oven adds zero dollars and zero cents to your utility bill. Another cool thing about wood fired pizza ovens is that the bricks absorb heat and then slowly release it-- after your oven heats up, it holds the heat for eight to 12 hours, requiring minimal energy to do its job.

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