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Divino – Modern Outdoor Oven
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Fontana Forni is the Premier Brand in Outdoor Ovens. Imported from Italy, the Quality of Materials and Workmanship, Define True Passion and Design Excellence.
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Outdoor Ovens

Welcome to Fontana Forni USA! We are the exclusive US distributor for the hand crafted and designed Fontana Forni wood burning ovens and grills. For over thirty years, Fontana Forni has been creating the best portable wood fired ovens. The finest materials and craftsmanship go into every one of our Italian made outdoor, wood burning ovens and grills. The high quality materials, such as durable cast iron, steel, and stainless steel, mean that families can use and enjoy baking in our wood fired ovens for decades. Many of these beautifully constructed outdoor ovens are still being used after 30 years of service in Italy.

Whether cooking pizza, pastries, bread, or roasts, each Fontana Forni outdoor oven uses a wood-firing process to provide an even, natural radiant heat source. This is a key ingredient for achieving genuine Italian cooking that provides an unparalleled and remarkable flavor to any meal prepared in our ovens. Fontana Forni products provide an exciting and delicious dining experience for memorable gatherings with family and friends, we’ve even become a big hit with outdoor event caterers. Our ovens allow for slow roasting and fast, high temperature cooking – how about a delicious homemade pizza in as little as 2 minutes? Fire roasted and baked old world flavor is our goal and, according to the reviews, we’ve achieved it!

Frequently referred to as an outdoor pizza oven or wood fired pizza ovens, all Fontana Forni units are equally suited for just about anything you might cook in a traditional style oven. We get rave reviews for our ovens ability to bake breads, roast all kinds of meat, cook delicious vegetables and of course, bake amazing wood fired pizza. We also get A+ ratings for the sleek aesthetic designs and very helpful standard features found on most models that include interior lights, temperature gauges and cooking timers.

Wood Fired Ovens

The Fontana Advantage

The Fontana Forni family, being the original designers of these stainless steel portable outdoor wood ovens, has enjoyed a tremendous response from households and professional chefs all over the world during the past 30 years. Naturally, because of this incredible success, many have attempted to imitate our designs and have failed. Fontana Forni remains the clear leader in home pizza ovens for a number of reasons. In addition to our durable materials and the stylishly clean appearance of our wood fired ovens, we offer a wide range of wood burning ovens to fulfill the varying specifications of our customers. Our most popular model is considered the original portable wood fired oven and remains one of our best-sellers today. This oven performs equally as well as any traditional brick pizza oven and is commonly used for ‘brick oven’ pizzas, breads, roasts, poultry, and vegetables.

Manufactured using cast iron, steel, and stainless steel, all of our ovens are robust, heavy duty units that can be enjoyed for years of dependable use. Our ovens are extremely practical, easy to use and efficient. One model heats up in 20 minutes and maintains heat for hours, others consume 5 times less wood than a traditional brick oven. We even integrate convection fans that circulate air on some outdoor oven models. The benefits of convection include faster, more even cooking, as the circulating air helps regulate even temperatures throughout the cooking chambers.

For those with limited outdoor space, we offer a small outdoor oven that can suit patios, terraces and balconies. In addition to ovens, we offer a variety of grills and accessories to complete, enhance and expand your outdoor culinary adventures. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Fontana Forni USA also offers wholesale pricing to resellers. We would love to speak with you!



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Outdoor Pizza Ovens

We Offer Two Types

There are two basic types of outdoor ovens. Our first and original “outdoor pizza oven” provides a separate chamber that is used to build the fire and create heat. The fire chamber is located below the cooking chamber and heat rises around the upper cooking compartment. The benefits of this wood fired oven design include a clean, smoke and ash free cooking area. Additionally, this outdoor oven design allows for multiple racks for simultaneously cooking numerous foods.

Our second wood burning oven design (shown at left) includes cooking and baking in the same chamber as the fire! The process is very similar to our other outdoor ovens except the cooking heat radiates directly from the fire, creating very fast cook times for wood fired pizzas and more. In this type of wood burning pizza oven, you build your fire directly on the cooking service and on one side or to the rear of the oven. Once the fire is stoked and the coals are hot, you simply cook and bake directly adjacent to the embers and flames. This model, when used as an outdoor pizza oven, can cook a pizza in as little as 2 minutes. Another of the many benefits of this design is that it pre-heats in just 10-15 minutes. See video here