Wood Fired Oven – Gusto

Our Most Popular Wood Fired Oven!

The GUSTO, Fontana's best selling wood fired oven, and the original Fontna Forni design oven. The Fontana GUSTO oven, which performs equally as well as the traditional brick oven, can be used for 'brick oven' pizza, bread, roasts, chicken, or vegetables. This model of beautifully constructed wood fired oven can be found in Italy to still be in use after 30 years of service. The  Fontana GUSTO is a heavy duty unit that is made of a combination of cast iron, steel, and stainless steel for years of dependable use. They are extremely practical and easy to use - equipped with an interior light and a convection fan. These wood fired ovens are extremely efficient, heating up in 45 minutes and maintaining their heat for 1 1/2 hours while consuming 5 times less wood than a traditional brick oven. Please view our videos to learn more about the Fontana advantage.

$6999.00 (Excl. TAX 8% South Carolina resident only)
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Made in Italy
Easy Setup & Portable
Cast Iron, Steel,  304 Stainless Steel Construction
Extremely Efficient
45 Min Preheat Time
Convection Fan & Interior Light
Thermometer & Timer

Interior Dimensions

GUSTO 100×65-Depth 36”, Width 24”, Height 18”
GUSTO 100-Depth 36”, Width 20”, Height 18”
GUSTO 80×65-Depth 30” Width 24” Height 18”
GUSTO 80×54-Depth 30” Width 20” Height 18”
GUSTO 80-Depth 30”, Width 16”, Height 16”
GUSTO 57- Depth 22”, Width 16”, Height 16”

Exterior Dimensions

GUSTO 100×65-Depth 56”, Width 51”, Height 64”
GUSTO 100-Depth 56”, Width 47”, Height 64”
GUSTO 80×65-Depth 48” Width 51” Height 64”
GUSTO 80×54-Depth 48” Width 47” Height 64”
GUSTO 80-Depth 48”, Width 40”, Height 63”
GUSTO 57-Depth 40”, Width 40”, Height 63”