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why an assembled pizza oven beats a diy kit any day

Pizza ovens have become a way of life. They harken back to simpler times, when people savored every mouthwatering bite of home-cooked food and every precious moment with friends, family, and neighbors.

With the taste explosion comes an array of products, including DIY pizza oven kits that promise easy installation and affordable price tags. Read the advertisements and you’re led to believe you can go from the store to gourmet pizzas in no time. But for all the assurances, are DIY kits really as effortless and economical as proclaimed?

The Truth About DIY Pizza Oven Kits

The short answer is No. While do-it-yourself ovens are certainly a great idea, the execution tends to be messier than advertised. That’s because DIY pizza oven kits often involve complicated installation procedures and difficult decisions about safety and ergonomics—operations that can baffle the hardiest DIYer, let alone those who lack the expertise needed to get the job done right.

Indeed, it’s not unusual for a small project to balloon quickly into a major headache involving contractors, subcontractors, and a multitude of hidden costs. And, as with any do-it-yourself endeavor, there’s always the risk that the result will be less than perfect.

The Ease of Pre-Assembled Pizza Ovens

There is another option: the assembled pizza oven. Ready-to-use and easily adjustable, these fully assembled units are ideal for those who want the unique cooking experience of an outdoor pizza oven without the problem of building a unit from the ground up.

Already constructed and mounted by a team of expert craftsmen, they require no intricate installation guides or lengthy assembly times. The hard work is already done, allowing foodies to focus on the joy of cooking, eating, and making merry.

Pre-assembled ovens also tend to be smaller and more portable than the alternatives—perfect for anyone who wants greater versatility or who simply needs to conserve space.

The Convenience of a Fontana Assembled Oven

Fontana’s assembled pizza ovens are beautifully designed and expertly constructed to provide the most convenient cooking experience. Our units are lightweight and equipped with sturdy wheels, making them fully portable and easy to maneuver.

Fontana’s pizza ovens also require five times less wood than traditionally refractory ovens. Able to reach 300° C in only thirty minutes, they can cook for hours on end, avoiding the need for lengthy pre-heat times.

The convenience of a Fontana oven is matched only by its quality. Exceptional heat uniformity eliminates those isolated pockets of heat that result in uneven cooking, producing the most authentically delicious food this side of Italy’s Po river.