The Standard Accessory Kit

The Standard Accessory Kit

The Standard Accessory Kit is the ideal combination of essential tools to complete your Fontana experience if you're on a budget. Each item in this kit will help your Fontana oven up and running. This kit includes a stainless steel rectangular peel, a stainless steel turning peel, and a brass bristled brush with a scraper. 

Pizza Peel

To get your pizza onto that blazing-hot pizza stone, you’ll need a pizza peel. This heavy-duty peel is made of stainless steel. Its long handle keeps your hands far away from the heat, and its rectangular shape won't roll on a flat surface. Its handle is 34' long, and the work surface is 14" W by 15" H.

Turning Peel

Our larger peels are perfect for getting pizzas into and out of the oven — but when it's time to rotate the pizza while cooking or just reposition it a little, you need this handy turning peel. It has a small head for those delicate adjustments and a long heat-resistant handle to keep your hands far from the flames. Its handle is 39" long, and the work surface of the turning peel has a circumference of 7".

Brass-Bristled Brush

This durable brush is perfect for cleaning your oven's cooking surface. The brush's stiff brass bristles won't melt while cleaning a hot surface. The brush head is 7" long. It's perfect for clearing away any small particles on the cooking surface. The backside of the brush head also features a scraper to help remove tricky bits that may get stuck to the cooking stone. The handle is 41” long.