Metric Measurements or Imperial measurements? That is the question!

Why do we use METRIC measurements in our baking recipes?  

Some have asked as to why we use metric measurements for most of our recipes. Why not use measuring cups and measuring spoons? 

Precise measurements of all ingredients are imperative to the success of BAKING. Following are some reasons for using digital scales:

  • easy to use and faster than measuring with cups and spoons
  • precise, consistent, more accurate and very reliable measurements
  • allows you to have both Metric Measurements (kilos, grams,...), and Imperial Measurements (pounds, ounces,...).
  • less clean up
  • does not use up a large amount of space in your cupboard
  • relatively cheap as you can find digital scales for as little as $15.00 

Purchase a digital scale and you will be surprised as to the difference it will make in your baking.

 Measuring with scales

Measuring with scales

Measuring with scales

 Measuring with scales


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