Mini Pizza Desk

The Mini Pizza Desk is the workstation companion for the Brand New Maestro Oven as a modular cart, or as a prep station for any of Fontana's wood or gas fired ovens. The 304 stainless steel top of the Mini Pizza Desk makes for an ideal work surface when preparing your dough just before you bake pizza in your Fontana Forni oven. Not only is the Mini Pizza Desk mobile, but it also includes a lower tier for storing essential materials and a four-space tool holder for your pizza peel, turning peel, cleaning brush, and ash shovel.


  • Made of stainless steel and black powder coated steel treated for outdoor use
  • Practical handle for moving, also useful for hooking utensils and tea towels
  • Accessory Tool Rack

External Dimensions

23.6”D, 29.5”W, 34.3” H

Upper Surface Dimensions

23.6” D, 29.5” W,

Lower Storage Dimensions

23.6” D, 29.5” W, 23.5” H