The Total Deluxe Accessory Kit

The Total Deluxe Accessory Kit

The Total Deluxe Accessory Kit is the perfect combination of essential tools to get the most out of your Forno Toscano: Margherita, Mangiafuoco, or Marinara. We highly recommend the Total Deluxe Accessory kit to anyone who purchases any of our single chamber ovens. Each item in this kit will aid you in pinpointing temperature hot spots, even cooking, ease of transfer of pizza into oven, as well as clean up of leftover ash. Included in the kit: brass-bristled brush*, pizza peel*, turning peel, infrared thermometer, ash shovel*, pizza wheel, dough cutter, cleaning scraper, & dough tray kit.

Pizza Peel

To get your pizza onto that blazing-hot pizza stone, you need a pizza peel. Lightweight and sturdy, our pizza peel has a beveled edge so it slides easily under your crust and just as easily releases it onto the pizza stone. Its small perforations allow any excess flour or corn meal to shake through, rather than burning on the pizza stone. And its long handle keeps your hands far from the heat. The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 40" in length. The head of the peel has a diameter of 13". The total length of the peel is 54".

Turning Peel

Our larger peels are perfect for getting pizzas into and out of the oven — but when it's time to rotate the pizza while cooking or just reposition it a little, you need this handy turning peel. It has a small head for those delicate adjustments, and a long heat-resistant handle to keep your hands far from the flames. The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 45" in length. The head of the turning peel has a diameter of 8". The total length of the peel is 54".

Brass-bristled Brush

This durable brush is the perfect tool for cleaning your oven's cooking surface. The brush's stiff brass bristles won't melt while cleaning a hot surface. It's the perfect tool for clearing away any small particles on left on the cooking surface. The backside of the brush head also features a scraper to help remove more difficult bits that may get stuck to the cooking stone. The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 48" in length. The brush head is 10" long. The total length of the brush is 51".

Ash Shovel

This long-handled shovel is a quick and convenient way of cleaning the ash out of your Fontana oven at the end of the evening, leaving it clean and ready for your next feast. The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 40" in length. The head of the shovel is 7.75" wide. The total length of the ash shovel is 50".

Infrared Thermometer

When cooking pizza in your Fontana oven, it is crucial to have the ability to accurately measure the temperature of your oven's cooking surface. Our infrared thermometer uses laser technology to precisely measure the surface temperature of the cooking chamber floor inside of your oven. The user simply points the thermometer's laser at floor of the cooking chamber, and the unit will quickly display an accurate temperature reading on its backlit LCD display.

While there are other infrared thermometers available on the market, many of them do not accurately measure at the high temperatures our ovens operate at. Our infrared thermometer consistently provide accurate temperature measurements between -58°F - 986°F. The thermometer can display its temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and it runs on a single 9V battery. Our infrared thermometer is an invaluable tool that will help you cook in your Fontana with consistent results time and time again.

Dough Tray Kit

As you embrace the new approach to saying goodbye to delivery pizza, you will need a few new tools to add to your repertoire. Making your own dough is easy, healthy, and an incredible part of the true Italian pizza experience. Part of making your own pizza dough is needing to let it rise in intervals. The last step in this process is to let the dough balls rise. This set of 3 stackable dough trays with a top cover allows you to stack your trays on top of one another while allowing the dough balls rise inside of them. The total external dimension of the stacked tray kit is 18" x 13" x 9.5", which easily fits in your fridge. Each tray has an interior dimension of 16" x 11". The set also comes with a cover for the top tray so that you can continue to protect your dough as it finishes.

Pizza Wheel

To create perfect pizza slices the first time through, use our stainless-steel-blade pizza wheel. Its thumb guard keeps fingers well away from the blade, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to zip through even the heartiest pies.

Cleaning Scraper

There are some dishes that, when roasted in a wood-fired oven, produce the most delectable little browned bits that seem to contain all the flavor of the entire dish in one little morsel. Roasted potatoes, vegetables, turkey drumsticks — you know the ones. When serving these, use our angled-blade cleaning scraper to make sure you don't miss a single crumb of roasted goodness. Your taste buds will thank you.

Dough Cutter

Don't lose a scrap of your dough with this fine-edged dough cutter, which makes it easy to cut, scrape, and portion dough on your work surface. With a comfortable handle for an easy grip.