The Marinara Pizza Oven

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We named this outdoor oven after the classic sauce, alla marinara or "sailor style," because the sauce delivers big, bold flavor and is widely associated with Italian cuisine. This large oven provides ample capacity to prepare multiple pizzas or dishes for larger gatherings, yet it still heats up in just 10 to 15 minutes and still offers the portability you expect from a Fontana product. This makes the Marinara the ideal oven for families, eateries, caterers and food vendors who typically serve a number of guests simultaneously or a variety of dishes over the course of a meal. Use this oven to cook pizzas, entrees, breads, cookies and more — you're only limited by your imagination.

External Dimensions

42"D, 39"W, 77"H

Internal Dimensions

32"D, 32"W, 14"H

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Oven Color
Stainless +$150.00