November 17, 2022

Nothing is better than pizza fresh out of the oven, but tasteless or sour sauce (or even too little or too much sauce on a pizza) can put a damper on your meal and change how the pizza tastes. Read on to learn about 3 common pizza sauce mistakes and how to fix them.

Using Pre-Made Pizza Sauce

While pre-made sauces are the easiest to use, making your own is simple and will naturally taste much better. Reasons why not to use pre-made sauce:

  • Canned tomatoes in the sauce are more acidic
  • The sauce can contain added sugar and preservatives
  • Lacks the nutritional value of homemade sauces
  • Contains unknown ingredients or additives

Check out our Pomarola recipe—a simple and versatile Italian Roma tomato sauce—to learn how to make tomato sauce for pizza with the right blend of flavors every time.

Not Using Quality Tomatoes

The quality of the tomatoes you are using plays an important role in the taste and consistency of the pizza sauce. Poor-quality tomatoes can result in the following:

  • A sauce that is too watery
  • A sauce that tastes somewhat sour or acidic
  • A sauce with too many seeds
  • A sauce that lacks flavor

Learning how to thicken homemade pizza sauce is easy—you can either add a few tablespoons of tomato paste, or gradually sprinkle in cornstarch until you reach your desired texture. And don’t forget to adjust your herbs and seasonings to keep the flavors balanced.

Too Much Heat When Cooking

Heat is a crucial part of cooking a delicious pizza. When too much heat is applied to the pizza it can:

  • Distort and change the flavor of the tomato sauce
  • Evaporate too much of the sauce making it dry

Read our guide on how to maintain the fire for a pizza.

What Is the Right Sauce Consistency? 

Your pizza sauce should be on the thicker side but not too thick. A good consistency should be similar to that of a dip. Pizza sauce with a puddle of water on the surface or separating is too runny. How much sauce you want to use is up to you, but a good ratio is ½ cup of sauce per 12-inch pizza. To ensure the right consistency make sure to:

  • Cook it long enough to evaporate excess water
  • Mix cornstarch with some water or tomato paste then add immediately to the sauce to thicken if needed
  • Add a little olive oil and combine with an immersion blender for a smoother finish
  • Blend in some ground carrots and/or caramelized onion to bulk up the texture

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