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Why Install a Built-In Pizza Oven?

Pizza Oven

The Outdoor Cooking Revolution

Backyard cooking is a long-held tradition in the United States, but never has it attained such prestige, refinement, and popularity as it has today. We can thank Italy for that.

Although Americans adopted Italian food long ago, they’ve only recently begun to import the Italian lifestyle—that joyous fusion of food and culture that transforms a cooking space into a hub of good living and good cheer.

At the center of this petit cultural revolution is the wood fired pizza oven. Where once the barbecue provided a simple albeit limited culinary experience, now outdoor ovens reach previously undreamed heights of flavor and sophistication.

These backyard bastions of the bon vivant crowd are famous not only for forming perfectly crispy and bubbly pizza crust, but also for serving up a delicious cornucopia of roasted meats, vegetables, and fish. The offerings of the truly committed go even further—everything from cheesy flatbreads and wood-roasted olives to delectably baked desserts.

Indeed, no longer is such mouthwatering fare limited to the kitchens of the world’s top chefs. Nowadays, there are a variety of affordable wood-fired ovens that produce killer food. From portable units that can cook up a gourmet meal anytime, anywhere, to built-in ovens that blend into the architecture of your home, there are more choices than ever.

With so many options, it can be difficult to settle on an oven that is right for you. That being said, here are a few things to consider when choosing an oven:

Portable Pizza Ovens vs. Built-In Wood Fired Ovens

The first decision you’ll have to make is between a portable and a built-in pizza oven. While some believe that one offers more advantages than the other, the truth is that it depends on your specific wants and needs.

Portable pizza ovens are convenient and economical; they’re great for tailgate parties and occasional backyard bashes. Ovens built directly into the backyard patio or kitchen, on the other hand, are designed for those who want a more immersive experience. Thus, while a portable oven offers greater versatility, a built-in unit may be preferable for homeowners who know they’ll be living in one place for an extended period of time.

The Ultimate Backyard Experience

wood fired ovens

Built-in units often come with custom-built masonry (anything from red brick to stone to adobe finishes) that allow owners to match their home’s distinctive style. A fully installed pizza oven quickly becomes an integral part of any living space, imbuing a backyard or kitchen with a dash of personalized character and charm. That makes it ideal for those who are in the market for a relatively permanent and aesthetically unique alternative.

Although outdoor ovens are the most popular choice, many people also install pizza ovens inside their home. Either way, a built-in oven remains the go-to option for aficionados who are committed to the ultimate social and culinary experience.

The Fontana Way

Fontana Ovens & Grills wood fired ovens are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Italy using the finest, most durable materials.

Our single-chamber and dual-chamber units are constructed of sturdy cast-iron, steel, and stainless steel to last through the years.

The dome-shaped design ensures uniform heat distribution while 12 centimeters of natural rock-spun wool insulation surround the cooking chamber to allow for maximum heat retention.

Fontana ovens also heat up quickly and consume up to five times less wood than traditional brick ovens.