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How to Choose the Right Pizza Oven

Nothing brings friends, family, and food together like a wood burning pizza oven. It’s where culture and cuisine intersect to create lasting memories of a life well-lived.

With so many joining the outdoor cooking revolution, there are more options than ever for aficionados of gourmet food. Pizza ovens now come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, from built-in units to portable ovens, from DIY kits to pre-assembled units, from stainless steel to cast iron.

With such a wide variety of choices, it can be daunting to choose the right unit. A little guidance, however, will help you select the wood fired oven that’s perfect for you.

Portable Oven or Built-In Oven?

Whether you purchase a pizza oven that’s portable or permanent depends upon a number of factors, including the layout of your home and your particular needs.

The go-to ovens for tailgate parties and occasional backyard bashes, portable pizza ovens offer versatility and maneuverability. No need for installation means they’re convenient and economical. Their small and lightweight construction also makes them perfect for confined or non-traditional spaces.

Wood burning ovens that are built directly into the backyard patio or indoor cooking space offer a more immersive and individualized experience. They also require greater forethought and professional installation. While the costs can be more substantial, nothing quite matches the authentic experience of a custom-built pizza oven tailored to fit the style of your home.

Single Chamber or Dual Chamber?

While a single chamber is well-suited for most needs, dual chamber ovens offer maximum temperature control.

The dual-chamber construction allows the heat from the fire below to rise up on both sides and travel across the top of the oven, limiting the oxygen flow to the fire. That means you get three levels of temperature control and the ultimate gourmet food experience.

Small, Medium or Large?

From lavish bashes to intimate gatherings, different parties require different cooking capacities. While a small wood burning oven will suffice for modest get-togethers, bigger fetes require bigger units.

That’s why Fontana ovens come in three different sizes—small, medium, and large. Choosing the right size depends not only on your future party plans, but also your living arrangement. Small units allow for easy maneuverability in confined spaces, making them particularly convenient for compact patios. Large pizza ovens, on the other hand, can take advantage of spacious backyards and wide open spaces.

Stainless Steel or Cast Iron?

Stainless steel ovens are durable and ideal for home cooking. What is more, they heat up quickly and cook food uniformly, even at lower temperatures. That means you spend less time preheating and more time creating that perfectly crisp pizza crust.

The same is true for cast iron, which is also durable and fast-heating. Although it can be heavy, cast iron tends to be easy to use and to clean.

In the end, your choice of pizza oven depends on what kind of cooking experience you plan on having. From small family gatherings in the comfort of a small patio to large wedding receptions in a rustic setting, there’s sure to be an outdoor oven that’s perfect for every setting and every festivity.