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Fontana vs. The Rest

When the Fontana brothers first introduced the world to the wonders of their portable wood-fired oven, they attracted a lot of attention. First, of course, from families who appreciated the quality construction and authentic Italian craftsmanship, and who love to celebrate good times with great food. And next, from other companies wanting to get in on the wood-fired oven market.

Far be it from us to criticize our would-be rivals. After all, they’re fans of wood-fired cooking, so we have a lot in common. But as we look around, we can’t help noticing that no other brand offers the stellar combination of qualities: the highest quality standards, the most robust construction, and the most authentic old-world craftsmanship that Fontana is proud to bring you in every finely crafted wood-fired oven.

Made to last: Quality construction our rivals can't touch

Fontana Quality MaterialsFrom the day Fontana designed the first indirect combustion wood-fired oven till today, our ovens have been built to exacting standards using cast iron, 3-millimeter 304 stainless steel, all-natural rock-spun insulation materials and corrosion-resistant, powder-coated metal. Many other brands use lighter, cheaper materials, lower-grade steel, and synthetic insulation, affecting heat retention and durability.

Fontana Quality MaterialsFurther, Fontana uses all continuous solid-weld construction — not the spot welding and screws you’ll find in many other ovens, which will peel, split, or break under the pressures of these ovens’ high heat. That's why, we are proud to say, many of those original Fontana wood-fired ovens are still in use today.

Ready to go: straight from your doorstep to your dinner

There are a few words and phrases peppering other companies’ materials that you won’t see anywhere in our product descriptions — phrases such as “construction kit,” “protective eyewear,” and “comes with trowel and 50-pound bag of mortar.” 

It's ready to go

Now, we mean no disrespect to those who want to undertake a major backyard DIY project — in fact, we have nothing but admiration for their handiness and fortitude. But that’s not what Fontana ovens are all about.

Here's how it works with a Fontana oven: It arrives at your house, 15 minutes to assemble the cart, you light the fire and get cooking. That’s pretty much it. 

You will have to roll out your own pizza dough and pick your own toppings. But we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have that any other way.

Dinner at the speed of life

Dinner at the speed of lifeObviously you don’t want fast food. But neither do you want to spend hours tending a fire, cleaning up after a fire, rotating your pans, switching dishes, and so forth, as you’ll need to do with many other brands of wood-fired oven. You have a life — you want to live it.

That’s why the Fontana family created an oven design that marries authentic, old-world craftsmanship and quality construction with the modern conveniences that respect your time:

  • Fontana ovens heat up in as little as 15 minutes (45 minutes at the outside for the larger ovens), compared to the two-to-three-hour heat-up time you’ll see in many backyard installations. 
  • A damper on the chimney lets you control the draw, while a convection fan circulates heat evenly, so your food cooks perfectly without flipping or rotating. 
  • Our ovens are domed not only from back to back but also side to side, increasing the thermal capacity and providing more headroom to access several dishes at once. 
  • Because the fires in Fontana ovens burn hot, bright, and clean, there’s no messy pile of ashes to clean up afterward.

Beauty that’s more than skin deep

Beautiful Outdoor OvensFontana ovens radiate the same kind of beauty that you see in a finely carved oaken table or, dare we say it, the Mona Lisa: a simple, classic, timeless beauty that emanates from within. Our ovens’ clean lines, pure materials, and state-of-the-art design radiate the robust elegance of a truly superior creation. It doesn’t look like a clay igloo, nor does it look like a miniature mothership. It looks like exactly what it is: a solid, finely crafted piece of Italian workmanship that will last for many, many years of sparkling entertainments, special occasions, and family dinners with the ones you love.

The total package

Our competitors are trying hard, and we don’t mean to say that no other oven out there is durable, or convenient, or nice-looking. But we will say that no other oven built today has achieved any of these qualities to the standard that Fontana set back in 1978 and continues to meet and exceed today. 

Our Italian master craftsmen hold themselves to the most exacting standards of quality construction, and they pride themselves on building the most robust, long-lasting oven to be found anywhere.


Further, we know that there is no other oven on the market that combines quality, convenience, beauty, authentic Italian craftsmanship, and long life the way a Fontana oven does. With a Fontana oven, there are no compromises — you can have it all.