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The Outdoor Oven Collection | Fontana Forni USA

Fontana Forni USA imports the finest outdoor ovens from Italy, made from high quality steel and equipped with the most technologically advanced features – all while remaining completely user-friendly, with the ability to cook any meal to delicious, old world perfection.

Whether you want a home pizza oven for creating wood fired pizzas or a versatile outdoor brick oven that serves as the centerpiece of your outdoor dining/entertaining efforts, you will surely find an outdoor wood oven that meets your needs here.

Our outdoor oven collection includes:

The Gusto: This is the original Fontana Forni design oven. It can be used for pizzas with traditional outdoor brick oven flavor, in addition to breads, roasts, chicken, vegetables and more!

The Rosso: When only a truly stylish design will do, The Rosso is the outdoor wood oven you want. It is the color-tinted version of The Gusto, coated in red to make a strong design statement.

The Divino: For homes that embrace a more modern, “clean lines” aesthetic, the Divino is the ideal addition to a backyard kitchen. It’s a perfect marriage of tradition and contemporary styles, and it contains the same robust combustion chamber as The Gusto.

The Small-Est: This is indeed our smallest outdoor oven, built with dimensions that make it ideal for smaller outdoor living spaces: patios, gardens and even balconies. Its cooking chamber features two levels of stainless steel and refractory plates, which enables it to cook multiple dishes despite it diminutive size.

The Inc: The Inc home pizza oven is the built-in version of our Gusto model. It can be installed in a number of ways, and its 45-degree tapered top corners make it stylish and authentically old world from a design standpoint.

The Inc Q: Our other built-in model, The Inc Q is the perfect outdoor brick oven for installing into a structure. Our built-in outdoor ovens make your outdoor dining/entertaining efforts a breeze, and they are an incredible enhancement to your backyard kitchen space.

Please take the time to read more information on our outdoor oven collection; we know you will be impressed!

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